SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


It seems like it may be able to be enabled/disabled. Depending on how intrusive it is, I wouldn’t mind the extra FM for a Redbull logo on my ass.


I’ve enjoyed some matches of SF4, at least until AE, after that I consider only very few of 'em. The game has dumb stuff, but felt less volatile than SFV and the player has definitely more room for express himself. In SF4 open your opponent was harder, even just get closer was a challenge, in SFV no matter what how much good you are, but sooner or later the opponent will get in without really deserving. People felt robbed in SF4 before like in SFV now, the reasons are just different.


Super fucking tacky, but probably inevitable. Someone took a look at the jerseys the pro players wear and said “hey can we throw a bunch of dumb shit on our characters like that?”

For me it seems to be ugly and harmless, and thankfully voluntary. Not that I won’t rent out digital character real estate if the FM is good enough.

This announcement made Mike Ross dig a grave, lay down in it, and start spinning. He didn’t know why he did it but when someone tells him about this he’ll be glad he hopped ship to GG.


lmao sponsored content… :coffee:

Glad I picked up FEXL when it was on sale! Now SNK just needs to save us in Q2 2019 with Samurai Spirits.


this is such a weird fucking idea

It brings them more money for advertising I guess? But like…do you really wanna set a precedent in your game for this?


ST, Alpha 2 & 3 were regulary played on Fightcade and I freaking love CvS2, even if thats not a SF game.
I don’t like the newer ones, would be a more accurate point


If you can just switch the setting around I could see myself activating sponsored content until I reached that ominous FM threshhold and then turn it off again.

Now if this was a game without the FM model and you’d only get, say, a discount for allowing it I’d hate it too but as it is now I think it’s not that bad.

Wonder where they’re going to put the logos on Cammy’s and Mika’s default costumes.


Sponsors, hahahaha.

One week left, then I will know if I can deal with this shit again.


nice, I’m just tryna think why you’d play IV for so long if you actively disliked it is all


Maybe you will understand it too, maybe you will have some friends in the future as well.


They’re not going to announce a new game, only new characters.

I mean I really want Rose but considering how most returning characters have been realized in SFV chances are I will completely hate her in this game. I think the only group of players who are happy with their new old character in SFV are Bison mains.


slim gestapo Ed is so much better than the musclehead we got


Idk about you but when I actively dislike something, I do something else with friends. We aren’t strangled into a singular common interest.


the more I look at those artworks the more I think UE4 was a mistake


Ive seen it a few times where someone says sagat stand hp has no use. It does. It cancels to super and is pretty easy to 1 hit confirm. Its his most plus button into vtrigger cancel on hit as well. If it hits standing it links to f+hk.

Is it too slow? Maybe. But it has useful applications.


guilty gear xrd is ue4 too…its not the engine, pal!


To me the mistake is trying to keep those chunky proportions of past games where it may have look OK in sprites, and trying to recreate them with this pseudo-realistic clay look.


UE4 is a bad engine though, just because GG looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s a good engine.


Probably, the problem is reality vs expectations, I prefer to complain about how SFV Makoto is than imagine how she would be for indefinite time.

I’m also curious about @Frost general thoughts about SFV Cody compared to his SF4 version, more about a fun standpoint.


most UE3/4 games that don’t go for a very specific artstyle i.e. Guilty gear, Dishonored etc. ends up with characters looking like plastic action figures, like the Batman Arkham series or Gears of War.
Not to deny Capcom fucked up with the art direction (at least for most characters) and the overall quality of the models but you can clearly see it’s a UE game