SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


If I got a cut of that ad and sponsor revenue, then it’s the greatest idea of all time.
But I don’t so it SUCKS and I HATE it.


VTs limit Capcoms ability to make characters fun in their base kits due to VTs needing considerable impact. So SFV Cody is boring outside of VT, but VT2 gives him fun stuff. He’s linear, his on block options are considerably weaker than SFIV, his throw game is worse than IV, his oki is worse than IV, his neutral is severely worse than IV.

Unique things he lost from base kit -
bad rock/bad rock fake

It’s not just Cody, everyone in SFV has been neutered outside of VT but retains parts of their old kit whilst VT is active. Akuma/Cammy/Guile/Urien are a couple of characters I feel aren’t strangled by the implications of the VT system.

Short answer - he’s alright but for a 3 year wait, not that happy.


Thinking about it, the sponsor thing makes a little more sense if they plan to release a F2P client at some point. Get people in the door then they can either shell out realbux for content or shill during matches for more FM to unlock stuff.

In general SFV has always sort of had a DOA5-ish feel to me in the sense that the game didn’t come out and do gangbusters so I think they have been more aggressively pursuing alternative ways to make it profitable/worth keeping up with over time, which has the knock on benefit of it not having the same fate as MvCI.

Any sense of shame went out the door when the initial sales #s came through and they started pumping out swimsuits with costume codes to let you see just a bit more tiddy. In S5 they’ll let you opt in for voice packs that replace Ryu’s classic barks with “Red Bull Can” and “Hyper X Headset”.


To me it doesnt look good. It sends the message that the game isnt doing too well… which I guess everyone knows that, but at least don’t overtly show that its flopping.


Ain’t watch yet but I know the texture files of Juri has a clear last minute copy and paste job to hide her skin T_T

I think when it came to Cammy and R. Mika changes they just moved the camera a bit, and I think they removed the ass jiggle from R. Mika or reduced the jiggle.

God all of this just sounds stupid, fuck censorship (to a degree)

edit: oh shit i thought it was a video lol its an imgur link Ill save this for later :^)


They basically put Cody from Final Fight , not Cody from Street Fighter.

I mean ,he even takes white damage when he does his vskill, tribute to his old special from Final Fight where he used his little tatsu thing to hit everyone around him but it cost him health doing it.

Good attention to detail i guess,but totally unnecessary.


Juri doesn’t need to show skin to be sexy though.She mad sexy.


I wonder if the voice announcer also affects out perception of a match. SFIV’s voice announcer commenting throughout the match made it seem more intense.


I’ve always liked SF Cody, I had a ton of fun fighting against him and picking him too sometimes in 4, but I feel something is off with him. I would’ve use Cody in V, but looks too different even for me who didn’t totally main him before. I understand the desire of Capcom in giving to previous characters a fresh feeling,but it’s a bit alienating. They did a good job with Akuma,Cammy, Guile and Rog, but they didn’t do the same with Sagat, Blanka, Cody and Sakura, the others are in the middle of nowhere.


I’m pissed. If I don’t get Jungle Feet Juri and Fur Coat Karin I’m clappin’ this shit up

Edit: Also we really need that Violent Ken costume in SFV just freaking do it.


true, true but as you say you can make it look different. the engine allows you to do so. its then pure “laziness” when you go for the base look.

no way the steam ratings which climbed up in the last sale will not fall down again.
people who dont know the game will come into it. see a lot! of shopping carts, and ingame advertisement for who knows what…thats the first impression these people will get.i dont think this will end well for em…


Capcom didn’t fuck up the art direction though, and most models are just great in SFV (emphasis on most, and blame Ken for that).


These have been posted in the (now unpinned) Story thread for a few days. There is also a link to, and now a quoted copy of, a summary of translations of some of the text. Some fairly interesting stuff there, like how Capcom planned for Decapre to be in the base game instead of Cammy.


Did you get @Daemos ’ permission to use that image :wink:


He’s still trying to get me to like him and it almost worked there. Almost. Cheap bastard!


Final Fight Cody had 4 moves. Jab combo, spin kick, pipe/knife.

By no means am I going to agree with them creating “FF Cody” when he barely existed for the idea of an FG in the first place. They had much more room for creativity than limiting everything, it’s a knock-on effect of the VT system.


Even then, Ken’s model is fine outside of the character select screen.


It’s inevitable. Blizzard did it with Starcraft 2 after the last expansion and its playerbase more than doubled if not tripled in 1.5 years. It would work seamlessly for SF5 and it is the natural progression of the game.


I think the game has a lot of highs and lows: Dhalsim, Bison, FANG, Urien, Chun, Menat, nostalgia Sagat Birdie, G and Cammy are really, really good (SFV Bison is my favourite Bison in the series).
Then you have some great models with questionable art direction, mainly Juri, her design in IV was great so I don’t really get the bland bodysuit and titjob look, why? Or Ed and Akuma (although he would be much better without the horrendous clipping and clay vibe)
Special mention to Necalli due to the horrendous idea of having his hairs being subject to the game physic, what were they thinking?
And last you have characters that are terrible both in model quality and artistic direction like Sakura.
The rest is pretty muck ok or either lacking in some department, I do feel like the game lacks a specific artistic direction like SFIV.
I find Ken pretty much ok in game, my only gripe is the banana hairs


Whoa back off Sakura mate. Swimsuit costume with open jacket is the best thing in the game.