SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


They should had based his redesign more on his SF version rather then FF version but it’s not a terrible result.

Btw, he did had an actual fireball in the NES version of the game and his punch combo ended with a shoryuken.


I think Sakura looks great, its just her face on the selection screen that looks weird.


Everyone can suffer at the hands of bad lighting. Ken and Sakura’s models only look off during selection. Otherwise, the characters in SF5 have never looked better more or less.


ken is fine, Sakura looks like shite


Lighting is indeed a big thing,especially in this game.

That’s one of the reasons the India stage is so horrible.It does have a terrible color pallet but the lighting leaves much to be desired as well.

Then you get stages like Forgotten Waterfall ( night ) , that look superb or Kanzuki estate that also looks good.


oh roofle you trashtalking monkey…:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I love the night version of the Forgotten Waterfall. That stage is perfect.


Yooo Classic Bison.

colors too


Not even day 1 of Smash Ultimate and people are already complaining about the abysmal online.


Well the Switch doesn’t have a spot on the console for an ethernet port so idk what ppl are expecting.

I want smashU but not so i can get good. I just want to fuck around and have fun in a party game kinda way


I want this costume to return as official costume in SFV.


I never go that way but I’ll check it out.


Friday needs to hurry up I need my JURI ROBO FEET


That gif…what the actual fuck…


A dog would not want to do with that guy’s doing


@DevilJin_01 You have any special plans for your girl’s birthday


Meet the first Juri

Edit: I’ll save you a mind-fuck, the gif is at the end lol


No not really I don’t really care for that birthday stuff maybe after season 4 buffs


Everybody loves a good movie so it’s nice that SFV got a 2+ hour story mode but that’s also the only thing good about it, in my opinion. Maybe “the kids” liked the story mode and some of us are too old for what’s hip? Maybe it’s time for the old folks’ home if that’s the case, may it be like 50 years too soon as it may…


Anyone going to watch the gaming awards today? Not sure if I can sit through the cringe.