SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


you suffer through the cringe to get to the dank announcements. There will be a LOT of big stuff going on today.


I’ll just look out for the twitter highlights later


Juri has an event battle in Smash

You fight Bayonetta with the FSE

I guess even Sakurai knows her SF4 version is better


tga’s in half an hour

please lord boon, deliver us from our suffering, we have been faithful


Capcom putting ads into our bought and paid for game is bullshit. I’d go on about it but I’m super pissed off. Streetfighter has been turned into a flash phone game and capcom deserves no respect st this point. These fuckers may as well be on the street corner begging for crumbs.


You REALLY want another Mortal Kombat: Mythologies Sub-Zero don’t you? :wink:


that game is better than people give it credit for!!!


I’ll advertise Popeyes


What? How?


Bea already talked about it. Post 694


Maaaan we got our first Popeyes here in Winnipeg and now I know why you Americans love it so much. These are the tastiest chicken tenders I’ve EVER had. And the seasoning on the fries? To die for. Luckily now the hype has died down and you can walk in and get some chicken because when they first dropped in the summer there was lineups all around the store.


I missed this post earlier but yeah, definetely this. Either you go for a cartoonish/mangaish look and keep those proportions or you go for something more realistic, SFV takes the worst of both worlds.
Still, having characters looking like fisher price figures doesn’t help, Menat’s hair are probably the worst offenders, shit looks like an helmet


Oh hell yeah. Especially in the black people county they go wild for it. Every Popeyes store there has a drive thru and I’ve seen people go off about their cole slaw. It is SRS bzns. I used to get the large fries and go ham on them.


@Evil_Canadian You finally have a monkey simulator.


Rig Dead Rigdemption 2.


The screen shots they showed looked incredibly tacky. At least there’s an option to turn them off.


CTR. Now we’re talking.


I decided to tune into the VGA’s and saw Jeff Winger presenting an award to SonicFox who, of course, accepted in in his furry costume. What a time to be alive


I quit gaming.