SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI


Nobody here taking about the best SNES fighting game… Street Combat!


Never even heard of that shit.


Steven and Tyrone. Alright. I need to play this Street Combat.


Darkstalkers pls


Sounds like some kind of Vs thing tbh





You mean stupidly localized Ranma 1/2?


I like OOZE walk animation… I was thinking how Harley Quin would walk like that

The robot in the skates helmet is very JIN-ROH looking.

A Darkstalkers with Warzards is the best thing that can happen if we’re talking about something without SF in it.


Free on Demand for SFV during Capcom Cup week? Interesting…



Wait, wasn’t that a Ranma 1/2 game that was butchered for localization?

Edit: Didn’t see that I was ninja’d by the First Lady of SRK.


I hope it’s Viewtiful Joe 3 with a sweet HD rerelease of Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2. That’s what I hope


St.hk hitting crouchers would make it possibly the best button in entire game.

Longest reaching crush counter in the game , hits low, can be done after a forward throw, can be v trigger cancelled , would probably cover both rises… And it’s only 7 frames (practically lighting in SF5)

Like shit lol. I’m not a greedy man, I’m realistic.


All I can say to that is good


Wow… I teched a throw on my ranked run today. This is something that hasn’t happened in weeks, if not months!


Wait till they surprise you with a new puzzle game or a golf game lol


Not to nitpick but Dhalsim sthk, Menat sthp and Falke fhp exist


I’ve hit a wall recently, I don’t really know what to do to improve any further outside of go more HAM


Taking over EC’s duties of why the Smash Community is garbage

Gonna work hard to body all these garbage human beings starting Friday


I’m betting they’re going to take an old franchise and splice it with a MMO/RNG characteristics…doubt it’ll be a single player game or PVP…I just hope it looks as cool as the new RE


Yeah 801Strider was my favorite Laura player for a long time. I just really liked the way he played the char. I’ll re-watch these matches and whatever else I can dig up for him and see what I can learn that I’ve been missing.

Made me character sad when he switched off of Laura I think it was midway through the year. More power to him to play whomever he a) enjoys and b) will bring him success (dude is playing for a living after all).