SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI



Does Strider stream or anything? I remember him saying he switched to G because he likes his options but outside of some play here or there at tournaments I haven’t seen much of his G in action.


yeah im shitting on all these guys publicly they deserve to be shamed.


Piggybacking off of what delete_me said about Laura’s st.HK.

It’s her longest range button that doesn’t also have her leading with her face - f+HP will run you into a lot of stuff if you use it too much. It has good, easy reward on CC, and if your opponent is blocking it may mean that they are starting to clam up which is when you can start to dash in or reclaim space in general.

My biggest problem with it for a long time was actually the opposite: I’d hit st.HK in pretty much every heavy poke situation and the slow wind up would get me fucked up. Once you are in range st.HP is the button to use but st.HK is one of the things that helps get you there.


Dino Crisis with VR support would be sick, even if I can’t afford a VR headset.


I’ve seen archives from his Laura streaming days but haven’t really kept up with him specifically (my old lifestyle made it tricky to follow anyone on Twitch, may be more doable now).

Looking at his Twitter it sounds like he has been taking a break and gearing up for S4 than actually doing a bunch of stuff now. So I guess time will tell who he sticks with after the S4 changes and new char announcements.


Good on you man.

For me breaking through that mental wall was and is (always new shit to get over/used to) a key step to improving as a player. The games aren’t going to change but the way we think about them can. Not for nothing but I find this to be useful life advice as well. :wink:

As always I’m up for practice matches any time I’m free. :martial_arts_uniform:


Realizing you’ll never be good at fighting games because you don’t want to is good for your soul. I want to relax and have fun when playing video games, and to get to that point with fighting games I have to apply myself and get over stressful situations, and I’m not in the mindset to deal with those situations when I’m playing video games.


@Akhos Are you free to play some matches?

I am gonna be on will play you or anyone else who wants to play right now.



I’m sorry but I like Floe LOOOOOOL


Sending invite in a second


Gimmie a few, sorry will be online.


From the comment section
“El Solido I believe is from a facebook group that organizes weekly/monthly tournaments in South America (Peru/Bolivia/Chile/Colombia): they play ONLY [Champion Edition] and have been playing it since release, since that is ALL they had. No surprise he knows obscure tech. They never moved to SSF2 or any alpha games. They have been stuck with CE since forever (the 47 years ago joke works perfectly). This guy does not represent the entire group, mind you. What he said is despicable. Once again, he is an amazing player, but his attitude is lackluster.”

So there you have it, you can play what you like and love. But me…ME I’m playing Street Fighter V BOI




New Falke mod WIP, Modder is actually one of the few that makes stuff from scratch.


Made this peace months ago myself. I’ll still try to get better but at the end of a day its a video game. I know I’m pretty good compared to the average player so I sleep well enough at night.


Alright am ready for an invite now so sorry.

There was an incident with the washer.


haters gonna hate


They don’t get follow ups like Sagat does though do they? You can basically lose half your life if sagat hits CC HK with critical art on Deck.


lol i had no idea they made an NES version. i played the GB version and it sucked.