SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI


And yet, you use her as an example of why Sagat should have something? Like are you trying to break Sagat? What the point of making him a ridiculous character for one season, then everyone complains about him and then he gets reverted to Chun and ryu overnerfed status.

Like man, just make intelligent changes, not world beating make me S tier changes. Sagat has a great fireball, great AA. Giving him that normal would give him great pokes, which would mean that standing on the ground he has no weaknesses, other than walk speed.

Knocked down he still has a reversal, so no weakness there. He pull never need to jump in so his shit jumps wouldn’t be a weakness UNLESS he already made some big mistakes. He’s literally just be a busted character.

Which is fine, but you would then have to buff everyone else as well, and we all know capcom wont be doing that to anyone else. It’s just a terrible change that honestly does t have much of a chance of making it in, and if it does… well, everyone needs to pick Sagat next season.


Is Falke hard to play with the hold fireballs? I really like the character otherwise but I’ve never played a character like that and my execution is pretty poor.


Just hold MP. The only MP button you need to use in neutral is j.MP and you can just let go of MP as you jump to use it in the air. Once you get close you can also generally let go of MP and then just use it for frame trapping or comboing. Only if you have super do you really need to hold MP close to the opponent or you can hold another button to convert your lights into super.


Isn’t her cr.mp a long dick normal?


Like I said what’s so busted about that when he’s still missing the stuff you need to be top tier like mobility, top v trigger, apparently buttons that can’t be whiff punished much at all (Menat), super that your V Trigger allows you to make safe on block (Menat), Guile’s v skill boom that lets him do anime jump over and empty low cross ups. Cheap buttons alone don’t make you top tier. You need some other outlier thing and that’s what top 5 is all about. Cheap buttons but also cheap mobility/neutral bypass things.

Sagat is looking like high mid at best with those changes and considering the other landscape. Rashid, Fang and Birdie still will be able to fight that strength of Sagat.

All top 5 are still better than that Sagat so let it rip. In the end though at least we know he should be one of the characters that only gets buffs. If he gets any nerfs or berfs then forget it.


Ehh this is his debut. Maybe Rashid’s supposed to be a zoner and becomes known for controlling the space in future games…

Anyway, I dusted off the game and tried my shitty Menat and the amount of no rematches soared even if I lost. Do people really hate playing against her? Her zoning is solid but one bad guess on your part and you’re eating damage and being put in the blender without reversal.


It’s basically nothing more than a bad version of her s.HP. s.HP is also 10F start up, does better white chip, 1F safer on block (minus 3), one hit confirms into full combos, it’s what you use. c.MP is only barely useful vs like Gief and Abi. It’s the one button of hers I imagine they’ll buff in S4 because it’s redundant/useless ATM.


Sagats sweep getting buffed would also be good, trimming that down to about 9 also would give him a really long ass sweep that you could probably start whiff punishing with if you were on point.

The reason I’m for buffing his crouching stuff is because that makes his AA game more threatening. There’s quite a difference between whiffing standing and crouching normals at the mid range.


I like it. Guile has 7F sweep so wouldn’t be the end of the world. Sagat’s heavies need to be good. Make them gud.


So your entire premise is “he doesn’t have shit that the top tiers have so give him different busted shit”

Bro, that can be said for anyone that isn’t top 5… that means give EVERYONE that isn’t top 5 some busted shit.

But here’s the thing. Top 5, mostly all require SOME skill to use well. Cammy with her cr.mk confirm (and that’s about it really), guile with his charges and not being able to just dash in and get easy offense. Menats v trigger requires button execution and outside of her v trigger she’s pretty crap upclose, has no pressure and is one off, plus no reversal. Akuma takes actual skill to use well… mostly. Sagat would be the least skilled characrer out of them and would be pressing st.hk like it’s his job. His st.mk would largely be obsolete so you’d have to buff that as well, or let it only be used in a very matches where wiffing sagats st.hk can become detrimental.

I just don’t see the “he’s not top 5” argument as having ANY weight. If that’s how shit goes then buff chun ryu Nash urien sim sakura zeku fang and about 20 other characters.


Sagat’s stHK should hit behind him. Like actually animate his foot going behind him.


I didn’t say not to buff everybody. Everybody can get buffed. Buff Dan when he makes it. s.HK with slight better first hit range doesn’t put him in even Rashid levels of high tier. Better than he is now, but not enough for anything super scary.

Justin Wong switched to Menat because he found another 3S Chun in her that can just press 3 buttons and win most of his matches. He wouldn’t go to her if there wasn’t an easy way to win with her. The way Sako plays her is hard, but she has the toolset to just 3S her neutral down and get enough work done. Sagat would still take more work regardless since there’d still be a good range where the s.HK wouldn’t hit crouchers and tiger shots always take work to use. Just throwing that s.HK around alone isn’t going to carry anyone as much as Menat’s buttons do now.

Sagat still has shit mobility (in relation to other characters) so he would be stuck in bad situations more often regardless. Forcing him to still need better neutral and decision making than others. He won’t be able to violent knee and v skill flip his way out of bad situations like other characters.


Then your premise fails, because we already know that not everyone will get buffed. That went out the window in S1 when chun and ryu got dumpstered and half this weakass game got even weaker with fewer AA jabs and the like.

There is NO WAY the majority of characters get decent buffs. This is capcom, not the wild Wild West.

Shits not happening.


Sure, but I still think the s.HK change regadless would just throw him within playable tier at CPT events and not really much past that because he’s still just not wild enough for that. He’s still tanky shoto even with that change and that’s not good enough in this game.

If they don’t make his s.HK better then s.HP and c.HP definitely have to get better. s.HP is basically useless in its current state and c.HP has CC as its only redeeming quality. If they buff those then s.HK can stay the same NP. This a game that requires good heavy buttons with a character that has had good heavies since forever. Gotta buff one of them.


GGs @RAW_guts

You gotta stop dashing so much though, you just kept running into my…everything XP

They don’t, I was just nitpicking the range statement, ignoring what you really meant in context :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the Sagat changes, just make his normals faster. I’d personally just do it from an animation standpoint; it’s like he’s gently poking you with his arms and legs rather than trying to do any real damage, there isn’t any impact to a lot of his normals, outside of his sthk/fhk.


So how would you egg heads fix Vega?

I could live with him just getting his roll loops back. Or his S1 Izunas


@Akhos Good games you are mostly extremely patient. I kept dropping links and couldn’t get enoiugh through to win.

I played really bad. I kept dashing in not being comfortable with my ranges more often than not.


So if a player Rq’s on you and there’s no replay, how can you find out their CFN to blacklist them?

Weak ass Ken with 5 win winstreak about to reach Super Silver who doesn’t deserve to be Super Bronze. Must be annoying pulling out the Ethernet cable so much.


Rival search them is all you can do at that point.


That sucks, but I appreciate it.