SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI


Messing around with Rashid…

And really more CC should be more like what his Cr HP is, it only CC at the tip or 2nd hit. :thinking:


Fuck Guile’s normals man


It’s ABACABB. This is one code I will not forget. Then there was DULLARD at main menu, LDLRDRLLRR in MK2 menu, and CRALAUCRALAU for the UMK3 menu.

Don’t remember much for vanilla MK3 (edit: remembered BADLADCRUD but don’t remember what it did), but the UMK3 master menu code worked but only for one option. The game was obsolete once UMK3 came though (rip Sheeva though… but worth it when the game did not even had the palette-swap ninjas to cater to the fanbase). UMK3 was good times too, was hyped when I manually found out how to do Cyrax’s brutality and that sequence still is stuck with me today just like certain 10-strings in Tekken.


At our arcade. World Warrior and Champion Edition died when MK came out then people started playing SF again when Hyper Fighting came out. So, like half would play Hyper Fighting and the other half would play MK. When MKII came out, almost everyone quit Hyper Fighting and played MKII. When Super came out, nobody gave a shit about SF2 series anymore until MK3 came out and some people dabbled in ST but not really…


When MK1 came out in the arcade it was literally the best game ever.


Can’t really through the game itself. Have to use capturing methods.

That’s why it’s best to have a capture card running so you can catch them in the act.
If you’re on PS4 the system is always capturing the last 15 minutes of footage and can just look back at that once the match is over


And it still is to this day


What blew my mind was dudes knew the finishers , how the fuck is that possible. Arcade, no internet, not on home console …


Aah, I forgot about that. Thanks Jin. Too late now, but hopefully I’ll remember next time.


All it takes is one kid who used to go to the store and read gaming magazines just to get the cheat codes that were on the last few pages, then it all spreads like a disease


Nah because at the time there was very little arcade cheats ( if any) in magazines.

I figure maybe there was cabs somewhere that maybe listed the finishers on the cab, then maybe some dude told some dude…


Hey, what’s change your mind all of a sudden


most people liked mk1 & mk2 because of the lore/mythology/story line/hidden characters; mk1 & mk2 has the best lore/mythology/story line/hidden characters over any fighting game to date…

jade with no name in the life…


I just bought the game soundtrack in vinyl yesterday, weirdly enough. A classic.


You can find him in the game messages and click on the message where the game itself found the error 40002 and the page of the ragequitter will appear. Voilà.


I felt pretty lost fighting you with Juri like wasn’t sure what to do on block enough. I felt a lot more comfortable fighting you with Nash.

Playing you showed me lot of things I do wrong and need to work on in the future. What should I work on besides dashing into everything?

Thanks for playing like 30 sets with me. :woozy_face:


Go to the notifications option. There will be an entry there saying the match ended unexpectedly and you will be able to see your opponent’s profile to add him to the blacklist there.


X-kira :sweat:


We must have played in the same places in the states. There was a group of 3 dudes with sheets on all the moves, but no internet, no nothing.

Wouldn’t share.

Bastard pricks ripping everyone’s skeleton out and shit.

That was back in the day when we used to watch each other’s hands to learn the moves. I remember that’s how I found out how to do giefs Spd.

Nowadays these kids get all this shit for free


I don’t think @DevilJin_01 believe his claims, 10 days left anyway. It’s gonna be my last SFV bet.