SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI


Is Makoto anywhere in SF5 story?


I sadly have not seen any trashbags in SFV Story, other than Ryu.
So nope, nowhere to be found.


The game already has characters in without a real reason and at the same time some already appeared in the story, but they’re MIA since S1. They’re going to put whoever they want, story reasons are there for casuals.


And Soul Calibur, apparently.


Well, I’m not very good at giving advice or critiquing, but in the meantime I can have other guys here take a look at our replays on CFN and critique them if they wanna.

@Frost @DevilJin_01 @Highlandfireball if you get the chance today, could you take a look at the matches I played with RyanRAW on my CFN? All of my most recent matches are with him. (My CFN is Akhos_ if your short-term memory is bad)

Won’t be able to upload random ones for about 12 hours or so


You mean where the money is?


I completly agree with this


Giving players something that they really want and really like to draw in a bigger crowd to potentially introduce more people to the FGC and grow this community of ours is wasting resources now?


(I also find it ironic that you say this while wearing a Blazblue avatar)


The Casual Ship sailed years ago, I know it, you know it.


Highland versus dime, s1 before the nerfs, before we knew the power we wielded.


Do Story Modes draw in new people or are they just for people who want a beginning and an end and who move on after beating it?

I’ve been playing fighting games since forever but SFIV was the first one I took more seriously. And not because it had a great storymode, but because I liked the gameplay and, most importantly, because it came at the exact right time when a lot of people with a similarly limited FG background came in so it basically helped an entire generation of players learn the genre.

I don’t know how else you’d want to get people into a fighting game. Story Modes only scratch the surface. Tutorials are good on paper but they only teach you features, but not how to play the game. And Trials make people frustrated because, put simply, beginners suck (look at Gamefaqs and how most of them struggle to do easymode SFV trials).

What the genre needs is a SFII or SFIV every couple of years to just suck in a bunch of newcomers by having hype and success behind it and maybe local groups banding together to learn it properly. IMO it has absolutely nothing to do with the game’s features and game modes (as long as a certain minimum is available). All it needs is to be good and come out at the right time (and maybe have good online functionality, too).


That’s beautiful. Thanks!


The latter. Single player content is there so the bulk of the consumers don’t trash talk the game, like what happened to SFV’s launch.


Another blow has been dealt to Maximillian!


Companies know who I am now! Mixbox sent me one of their controllers, its actually p. neat and I am switching over to play SCVI on it and might try MK11 on it.
Also after being shut out by every company repeatedly I have opened a dialogue with Tecmo Koei about DoA6 and seeing what I can get done with that

2018 was max’s last easy year, 2019 is his downfall!!!


The people who care for this, play trough it and then move away.

If they would stick MK and Injustice would have 100k+ player online at all times.
And so would SF probably.

Not the case, waste of ressources.


this isn’t a great comparison. look at HOW MUCH PUSH BACK there is on hit AND block! that basically resets the situation to neutral everytime. SFV is backwards to this so it would be a massive change.


mmmmmmmmmmm, neutral


be careful. if you’re youtube channel increases in success, you’ll become what you hate… Evil_Canadian_Maximillian


That’s fine once I overthrow him the journey begins again. It will be up to one of you guys to kill and overthrow me.


The majority of post hit scenarios reset to neutral in V (block a meaty and you’re spaced from opponent) and most light attack strings also reset to neutral on hit or block.

The point is mainly that in CVS2 Sagat only needed to hit like one or 2 buttons in neutral and that got the job done. He’s never really been a character reliant on a bunch of normals and this is another game where he can throw the same good button over and over and it’s just what it is. Sagat having nasty heavies that do too much work is Sagat