SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI


but at the end of the day they are the majority of people as you even acknowledge.
where do you think does the money to make such games gets generated from in the first place?
casuals are important. if you need a cinematic story mode to drive them in…debateable. but at the end online play isnt the main feature these people are looking for. especially bb had a huge following just because of its story…and without them they wouldnt be able to make enough money. which is a reason they are so strict when it comes down to show the story mode on youtube.


I actually kinda miss the days when there was just a great arcade mode with great AI, sub-bosses and bosses, and especially detailed endings for each character.

The thing about arcade endings I liked was you knew they couldn’t all be true so you had to guess which one was, which usually left you guessing until the next game came out. With story mode, you know exactly how the canon goes a few hours after you get the game and the arcade endings are useless.

I guess I don’t care anymore really, from now on I’m pretty much only going to play single player stuff in extra battle and maybe survival if I want some specific colours.


Makoto won’t be in SFV, she will be a guest character in MK11.

Source: My grandpa is the cousin of the husband of X-Kira’s sister’s pet goldfish.


based on the leak cage is not there so the game needs a new nutcracker.


As soon as you are best buds with Tecmo make sure they put Rachel in DOA6 please.


The point was not who generates the money.
As we know Casuals only care for AI beating and will not touch online and if, they most likely quiet after an hour.

It’s who stays and these people don’t stay, it’s mostly the crowd coming from the last installment to the new one with some new people from the new release.

I don’t care for most SP Content in Fighter, unless it’s something like Abyss Mode.
Now that I think about it, it’s sad that I would lose so much stuff on my PC, if I upload the Laptop safefile.

Or in BB case, all Arcade Modes are canon and flow into the Main Story in, because they’re sidestorys that happen during the mainevent.
Well most are up to the last fight, not everyone had the pleasure to deal with Nine and Izanami in the end.

But this is way to advanced and complexe for the smallbrains at Capcom to realize, let alone write and implent.

Capcoms Story is mainy made out of retconns and asspulls, while throwing plotarmor around without any reason or development whats-o-ever.


Not only did Sagat have the buttinz in CVS2, if you watch the clip, he also had 8 minutes and 50 seconds a round.

If we’re going to go E-sports for real each round needs to be 10 minutes and every character gets 2 health bars


Hopefully Cassie is around to pick up the mantle.

And then beat someone to death with it.


Also please do not buff Ryu in S4

Give him maybe a better crMK and that’s it. THATS IT.


Before eSports, how many people were entering fighting game tournaments? Is it anywhere near the same amount as today? Also, how were people following players like Justin Wong and Daigo?

I’m honestly curious. I took a break from playing video games during the SF4 era and didn’t really realize there were tournaments until I got into SFV.

Before that, fighting games were my favourite genre, but they were limited to playing single player modes and playing friends whenever I could.

I played people in arcades of course, but I never realized there were any sort of tournaments or community for these games… I guess I was never good enough to be invited, lol.


I still love Arcade Mode with a mid boss, end boss and secret bosses. And all the nice endings/cut scenes when I complete make me happy and give me a sense of satisfaction.

And I’m definitely not a casual fighting game player.

It’s unfortunate that SFV’s arcade mode is so shitty. SF4’s arcade mode was da bomb!!


I always wish games like this had gallery mode where you can see all the art, costumes, and some other extras you unlock from playing the game.

It’s a small thing but I always love it.


SFV’s arcade mode is shit ?!


Also it does have a gallery mode.


Offline was small, it’s still relatively small but the tournaments are large enough to host at nice venues. US scene is still the biggest with entrants in the 1000s, our biggest UK event only had around 400 IIRC.

FGs have been growing since SFIV release and there’s a stable market for them again now. SF, Tekken, SC, GG and a couple new IPs like DBFZ this year have been popping up. Tekken is almost at 4million sales which is incredible for an FG, MK sells like crazy because it has a huge demographic in the US, and even though SFV was an absolutely disastrous launch, possibly the worst I’ve seen in modern FG history - it still did well.

If you played and attended offline events between 2000-2006 though, then you’d see the current climate as a gigantic increase. I didn’t attend anything because I was only like 8, but they were much smaller both in entrants and viewership.


Im kinda in the same boat with regard to improving. I think its possible that progress is still being made but its just harder to quantify. So instead of trying to guage it thru wins and losses im focusing on situational optimization


I think the point I’m at is all about mental mindfulness, knowing what people want to do so I can apply the correct approach to break them down. I know how to cover everything with my character, and I can apply it. I’m so used to curbing out the average online player because it’s all I play that when I play someone who is genuinely strong, I’m not used to breaking down that type of player.

Think it’s why I always struggle when I run into UGM’s, their gameplan extends further than cheeky jumps and attempting to steal a turn back when I’m +.


SFV has an arcade mode? I know a cab is on the way.

I like the little name and ranking icons for the HUD. I imagine arcade will have separate rankings from the console version.


Personally I think the SF4 scene had more character and passion. I think it reflects the games.

I was watching some old SF4 stuff, man , the names , tons of high end players , hype crowds , mental matches.

SF5 you double perfect someone you get a golf clap.

Only time SF5 is hype now is EVO. Which is still very good I admit.


Capcom Cup gonna be lit bruh. MenaRD finding a way to take it back and reset the bracket when it looked like Tokido had it in the bag was sick. Probably won’t have a low tier character winning but could be surprised by who ends up winning if last year was any indication. Sako, Daigo, Fujimura or Nemo make grand finals I’m happy.