SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI


Jeah I’m stoked for Capcom Cup. This will be Tokido’s time. I can FEEL it.


Fuudo will Mika people up this year.
Then we will have a Mika Fuudo costume next year and it will be glorious! GLORIOUS!


More inspired full troll costumes is necessary.


I can only speak for the PS4 version but the loading times between fights are so ridiculously long that even the shortest route feels like it goes on forever. I played through it twice and was bored to death by the end of it and my only motivator was some T&A picture of the girls, not even the actual gameplay aspect of beating up a CPU.

It’s awful.


Yeah CVS2 is the closest you can get to MOBA levels of length for matches.

This matchup needs more CVS2 no whiff punish heavies. Come on PAPA

Make Heavies Great Again Ono


Yes SFV’s Arcade Mode is shit. It has no soul compared to SF4.

Just 10 fights pasted together.

On the other hand SF4 had

  1. Mid Bosses
  2. Car Bonus stage
  3. Special character intros
  4. Last boss that felt fun to fight as compared to SFV’s bison which doesn’t feel like a boss fight at all.
  5. Arcade mode endings vs SFV’s single picture + one sentence ending.


So I stole borrowed this from gamefaqs. It’s a bunch of artworks and pictures from a recently released SFV artbook in Japan. Shows a bunch of not-before-seen artwork (particularly interesting for the newcomers, G, FANG and Menat had some curious ideas thrown around), shows off some costumes that might yet come (Jin Saotome Ryu) and, as always, confirms Juri’s second layer of latex was a last-minute change:


Juri is naked in there so Trife will like that.


See guys! I told you he’s a Maximillian style YouTuber that focuses on DBFZ :monkey_face:


Why is Ryu wearing Chun Li’s furcoat and eyeliner?


the point was that you meant it was a waste of ressources.
which is not the case because of - see my previous reply. it leads more people to buy the game so its not wasted at all.unfortunately the same goes for the 4€ costumes which they pump out now but money has to come in somehow for sf6…


This the kind of shit I’m talking about.

Like okay Highland makes the point of using st.mk instead, but Sagat as a zoner is then miles behind characters like Karin/Ken/Ibuki/Rashid/Akuma/Menat who have access to a CC in their midrange. I’d rather st.mk be absolutely useless and not worth ever pressing without VT activated and have his st.hk do the job instead, at least that way he can confidently fight characters in midrange and have the same payoff on counter-hits as other people.

Like, it’s fucking Gat. Give him the powerhouse normal kit, his design is still worse Akuma even with the inclusion of a crouch hitting st.hk.


That concept art gallery is interesting. One of those Akuma concepts looks just like VT Necalli. FANG could’ve been fat lol.


Never! Psycho Power will reign supreme and darkness will befall the people of Earth!

For one month then Bison will be nerfed cuz Problem is not Japanese.


I have some seriously mixed feelings about this.


Zero hype about Capcom Cup tbh.

It’s just different, character specialists are gone. Probably those who started with SFV felt the same level of hype we felt in the previous chapter. Different generation.


so they “sell” now loading screen adds to companys? on a fullprice game…they really need to look that this does not get out of hand or the backlash will be huge.


SFIV was never hype to me, neither was and is V.

I like V for what it was and in the case of IV… I had friends to play with, so I could “enjoy” the game.
I actually enjoyed it to play with them, rather than the game itself.

Different tastes.
I enjoy CF and BBTAG (as long as Gorby doesn’t appear).
And for the first time since basically a decade, I enjoy it to play and discover Fighter.
Just had to switch the camp.


so you just don’t like SF much, not that hard


Esports was a mistake