SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevJin moving to Mortal Kombat XI



Speaking of Smash…this is epic. Someone hand animated the Dragonball Super intro with Smash characters.

Edit: @Akhos is probably responsible for this.


I like tall, muscular Xena Warrior Princess Samus.


The bio pic posted is the American bio, which mistakenly took her height and weight in the suit to be her height and weight outside of the suit. Hyper-competent take-charge amazonian Samus is a product of North America, created by the likes of Nintendo Power and Nintendo of America. The Metroid Prime series also favored Western-version Samus.

Sakamoto took charge of the Metroid series starting with Super Metroid, and was part of the development team for the original Metroid. While Sakamoto wasn’t the actual credited writer of the Metroid manga, he was credited as editorial supervisor. Basically, Japan’s Samus is whatever Sakamoto says.

While we’ve seen hints of Sakamoto/Japan’s Samus across various games, she is the most fully defined in the manga (supervised by Sakamoto) and in Metroid: Other M (written by Sakamoto). And Sakamoto’s version of Samus is pretty much a short, young girl who is a bit insecure and has a downright lethal degree of daddy/authority issues, to the point where she’d probably let herself die rather than go against Adam’s orders in order to save herself. And who was still freezing up at the sight of Ridley even after having previously beaten him.


Wonder woman actually is tall, beauitful and fit though.

ZSS is just a skinny bimbo skank.


This Sakomoto nigga can kick rocks. Other M was the worst Metroid game I ever played.


Metroid belongs to North America as it only sells here anyways basically. Weak and immoral japanese people are scared of good games.


Actually Metroid never took off in Japan because the first game was a Famicom Disk System exclusive. It didn’t come out for the standard Famicom so it never established itself like Nintendo’s other franchises.


That’s one game, the heathens still had the chance to see the like on super metroid and they turned their backs on it like the lowly dogs they are.


How do you get good enough to be Master Rank in SFV? I’m back to being frustrated again.


I’m not trying to get there via skill. I’m just waiting for the trickle down effect lol. That eventually got me to Diamond and now Super Diamond. Master should be attainable by 2020 as everyone as a whole continues gaining more points.

Just got to play the waiting game lol.


crouch medium kick, then fireball


Sticking to the basics. Good for you.


SonicFox is a cringy ass goober and I detest anything that has to do with furries but when that nigga won the award for Epsorts player of the year I felt like a fucking proud ass father.

He got up and I’m like “nigga you better put on that fur suite and dab on these FPS/Overwatch bitches!”

I was so happy for that little shit lmao


I’m divided on SonicFox winning. On the one hand, he is putting the FGC on the map by winning this award and on the other hand, he is a furball.


Don’t worry about, rank reset is near.


Anybody who’s ok at SFV will get dropped on for days if they reset ranks.


I feel like a reset would’ve made the most sense going into AE, since that was a whole new version of the game. It would be pretty weird if they decided to do it now. Especially after they introduced these additional ranks in the middle of the season.


Yeah the additional ranks ensure they won’t be reset for the life of the game. Too many low body bronzes and silvers that can’t rank up make up most of the ranks any way. Would do nothing for them.

Arcade cab will likely have its own separate ranking so you can always go to Japan if you want a rank reset


Its ez bro, ya just gotta make all the right moves