SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


New Omega moves to add expression to Makoto

Free to play no doubt still coming.

RIP man’s best friend.

Unfortunately I’ve seen a dog pass after running into busy street also. No fun. Hope there are safer streets up above for the doggy.

SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming
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When you’re first, everyone else is last.


Yeah man it’s not easy seeing your dog pass away, my dogs been by my side since I adopted him he’s annoying but I forget everything once he cuddles with me on the couch and looks up at me with his big brown eyes


This just popped up in my Youtube-feed and is relevant to the title.

All hail Lord CHESTOOO, she will save SFV with two touches into stun and normals with 6-8 active frames.


Makoto sucks.

When Broly?


Damn man, did you get Demi Lovato’d ?


Nah it was the wrong picture in my clipboard lol


Y’all ain’t ready for this.

Sad for your loss @Pertho , since I’ve lost my doberman as a child I can’t even imagine to get another dog again. Still love my sister pitbulls and all the dogs around, but I can’t stand losing a real loyal friend anymore.


I was ready to see the backlash she got earlier, then I saw that Black Twitter basically Hakai’d her shit.



You always get another dog. The fact that it hurts meant it was worth it.

Loving the new one doesn’t in anyways diminish the old one.


Last one i swear


A lot of people being hypocrites though. They were laughing at the same memes.


Bruh no rose… I LOVE makoto. But I was hoping rose would bring order to the chaos that is sf5


Rose is coming, Fraud-Kira said so, like Falke top tier, Byron being playable in S2 and 83% ratio of lol claims.


makoto hopefully lets me embrace the full JUST DO IT lifestyle of sf5


We’ll going full unga without necessarily feel dirty for it.


I’ve learned that many people tend to have selective outrage. Most of them aren’t really angry, but they will pretend to be.