SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Armour frames are already over by the time he got hit. Looks like he went for L grab and mistimed it. If you do it too early after the cr.H its gonna whiff. its a common setup I use that one a lot too.


If you can react to Laura dash mix ups it’s all over. Since that’s the spammy mix up that only gets lower level players or people with lower end reactions.

If they were to buff Laura I’d say just make her EX elbow -2 on block, because this is SF5 and you’re not supposed to get punished for doing stupid ass rando ex moves.

But honestly fuck her anyway, it was S1 Laura players that got the DP changed cuz I can’t do mix ups if they got a DP…


It’s hard to think of a worse heavy ender where there isn’t atleast a better non metered substitute. Like DP are bad Enders, but you can just use tatsu enders or extenders for much better stuff.

As an example of how bad hk legs is… compare it to kens hk tatsu:

It does more damage iirc, it knocks down, it moves him forward on block, it corner carries way more and it’s way safer.

Now of course chun has shit that ken doesn’t so it makes sense and comparing them isn’t necessarily comparing like for like, but having said that, hk legs is still glaringly weak for literally no reason. Like I get that they don’t want chun getting cr.mk xx hk legs as a an easy wiff buffer all day. But there’s still no reason to keep it from knocking down, or leaving her closer on hit, or doing more damage etc.

The onky reason I can see it’s weakness is as a pre nerf to force her into the metered conversion or the tough execution conversion.

Personally I’d just make it do the same damage but KD, and make it so that she can’t throw/meaty pressure the opponent midscreen on backrise.

Literally the only problem this would create is giving her an easy low execution meterless KD in the corner that she can pressure off of.


Fun fact; Did you know the back throw in Cody’s jab combo can grab through v-reversals? Won a match off of that and I feel real dirty about that.


Pro tip:

The person replying tooltip only accounts for when the text box is open, not for when the person is typing. Lots of time I’m typing I stop and go do some shit and come back later.

Like take a shit or make a protein drink or text the wifey or practice some random crap in t mode or watch some Netflix stuff… bla bla


If it was actually all of those things I would have died.


Ever had a match that made you worry? Fought Ken with 19k points and I don’t think he ever threw out a normal.


Guile and Sagat players that dont throw fireballs make me wonder why they play them.



Also being a pussy.


Laura being bad is good for the health of the meta.


If anything, Laura should have been nerfed harder.
I hate that bitch!


Lol… just saw this. Never really dealt. Just sometimes to the homies when I had more than I needed. Rapped… yeah. Wasn’t great but managed to get on stage and perform in front of 3 thousand people with my crew at an old Hollywood club called circus. Went to places like foundations where we occasionally got into a cipher with black eyed peas… before they were anything special, before the album deal. Knew them mostly as dancers.

My sg skills… wasn’t the best in my country but was amongst the best. But we literally had at most 15 players. Took some games off of the best player in the world (duckator) at the time but still got smoked like 7-3 with a couple games I lost that I should have won.

But a year or 2 later after sage beat duck and fox was beating sage, I lost to a guy 10-3 that had played them both regularly and usually lost to them by about the same number… so I have no illusions that I was anywhere near their levels.

And then the game got boring so I stopped playing it.

The end.


The Blanka glitch is making for some cool comics https://twitter.com/kesut4/status/1095715734762602502?s=19


Oh my…


If you don’t buy Jump Force then you don’t support the FGC


That match is more DBZ and than Dragonball FighterZ :rofl:


jump force is less of a fighting game than smash is


Jump Force looks like diarrhea.



I don’t know shit about Jump Force. As soon as I saw it was some arena styled nonsense, I immediately stopped paying attention to it.

If y’all like that weeb shit, feel free to check out GaiaOnline.com Let them know SRK sent ya.