SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy



Also being a pussy.


Laura being bad is good for the health of the meta.


If anything, Laura should have been nerfed harder.
I hate that bitch!


Lol… just saw this. Never really dealt. Just sometimes to the homies when I had more than I needed. Rapped… yeah. Wasn’t great but managed to get on stage and perform in front of 3 thousand people with my crew at an old Hollywood club called circus. Went to places like foundations where we occasionally got into a cipher with black eyed peas… before they were anything special, before the album deal. Knew them mostly as dancers.

My sg skills… wasn’t the best in my country but was amongst the best. But we literally had at most 15 players. Took some games off of the best player in the world (duckator) at the time but still got smoked like 7-3 with a couple games I lost that I should have won.

But a year or 2 later after sage beat duck and fox was beating sage, I lost to a guy 10-3 that had played them both regularly and usually lost to them by about the same number… so I have no illusions that I was anywhere near their levels.

And then the game got boring so I stopped playing it.

The end.


The Blanka glitch is making for some cool comics https://twitter.com/kesut4/status/1095715734762602502?s=19


Oh my…


If you don’t buy Jump Force then you don’t support the FGC


That match is more DBZ and than Dragonball FighterZ :rofl:


jump force is less of a fighting game than smash is


Jump Force looks like diarrhea.



I don’t know shit about Jump Force. As soon as I saw it was some arena styled nonsense, I immediately stopped paying attention to it.

If y’all like that weeb shit, feel free to check out GaiaOnline.com Let them know SRK sent ya.


Jump Force is the scariest looking game I’ve seen since PT.


Yeah as soon as I saw a those early screenshots of those nightmare fuel ass clay models it was a easy pass.


People arguing over whether Xenoverse 2 is better than Raging Blast

These were the people shitting on DBF’s graphics.

Casuals are Badsuals. :japanese_goblin:


RE2 Remake “I am survival horror reborn!”

Jumpforce “Hold my beer!”


Raging Blast was amazing, felt like Tenkaichi.


I never really got into the Raging Blast series. Ultimate Tenkaichi was a cutscene fest, so never touched that at all.

Super DBZ was my shit.


Raging Blast had this kind of funny stuff, keep in mind this was all applicable online.


Jump Force’s Luffy is the last thing you see before you die

Jesus fuck I can’t get over the art in that game. Not that I’d play it anyway but at least the other arena anime games looked good.