SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


No way are we getting free characters. Dasvergeben is a bigger fraud than x kira.


I was wondering why I couldn’t reply in the last thread lol


We already know we are getting another Abigail.

So, Shin Abigail? Abigail-no-Hado? Mrs Abigail?
Abigail & Knuckles? Movie Abigail? SSGSS Abigail? Abigail: Endgame? Liagiba? Abi x Gail?


I hope Makoto comes to SFV. Her unga will make Laura look like 3S Sean.


Why is Unga so tasteless in this game.
At least Leo, Azrael and Susanoo do cool shit, when they do the cavemen dance.


Oh sure, the GenDis talks about TCGs when I happen to be away. I hate you guys.


For the first time in like 5 years I’m on Kaynetothe looking at the thread about 21 being from the UK

hahahah shit is classic.


We can keep talking about TCGs.

But not yugioh.


Still prefer Yugioh art over MtG.

MtG has the better quality art, but I prefer Yugioh’s art style personally.

Kinda like 3S vs Alpha for me I guess. 3rd Strike has the better quality sprites but I like Alpha’s style more.


I could write a long thesis on multiple TCGs, their upsides and downsides and such.

But to keep it short for Yugioh because people hate reading long-winded shit. It’s a Kusoge, simple as that. It’s the Marvel of TCGs. You either like it’s absurdity or hate the fuck out of it and want more balanced TCGs. But Konami was (for once) smart enough to realize that it’s a decent identity to have and leaned into it.


YGO is not the marvel of TCGs.

What in the tits?


Heard Demi Lovato got blown out of social media for saying she liked the 21 savage memes. LOL.

TBF the memes were more exciting than the Super Bowl. Rams blew it.


I always wanted to get into Yugioh hardcore as a kid. I used to play super casually back when me and my friends were into the 4Kids version of the anime. We didn’t really know what the fuck we were doing back then but we had fun with it anyway. I used to have a deck that consisted of Dark Magician/Mage characters. I had Buster Blader too and I think I had the fusion of him and Dark Magician.

God damn this deck was lit.


Please, give me a good reason that it’s not. And no “Because the game is complete ass” is not a reason because plenty of people think Marvel is a blight on Fighting Games.


I was a Pokemon card collecting nigga.

The type that threw down the Charizard and declared himself the winner because he couldn’t play the game properly. That was the default in the hood. When we actually went against people who knew what they were doing in the comic shop downtown, we were crumbled.

I regret not getting into Yu-Gi-Oh.


Everyone saying 6/9 ratted out 21 hahahahahaha


Speaking of Dark Magician they made these into real cards somewhat recently :3

…whether you think that’s a good thing or not though is another story, considering where they originated :sweat_smile:


In one way it’s nice that 69 in jail removes another flashy colors and auto tune rapper that we don’t need more of (seeing him in a concert would be nothing like his recorded tracks), but sucks he won’t see anybody outside of jail until he has grey under all that rainbow.


Yo nigga I might get back into Yugioh I don’t even care if it’s pussy repellent.

I fucking loved my Magician deck!

Me and my friends used to love the Pokemon TCG but like most people we just collected the cards we didn’t really play the shit. At some point we got so bored with Pokemon cards we just started tearing up our old ones cuz we didn’t give a fuck. Yugioh was the new hotness and it being a TCG based off a show that was about the same thing felt cooler to us. I mean if we wanted to live that Pokemon life we had plenty of Gameboy games for that.


Dark Magician has a tooooooon of support now. Not top tier, but there’s a lot to work with.

You can look it up if you like, I won’t spam the thread with more stuff XD