SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Garrus, the tailor.

He was fantastic.

Trivia, he was written as a bit part, but the performance was so endearing they expanded it.

Edit: Siri doesn’t like cardassian names


You needed frame data in 4, but for different things , like remembering set ups and KD Oki.

You didn’t really use it so much in the close game because there were far too many avenues of pressure and block strings.

In SF5 it’s mostly medium medium or Jab medium and that’s about it.

Remember the game is still pretty slow outside of dashing. Go watch a SF4 match, you can instantly feel how much more quick and responsive the game is even just watching it.


Bruh birdies vt2 is mad good, some characters can’t vreversal his vt2 startup animation cause the flames active frames hits them and birdie gets to follow up for an easy meterless 300+ damage lol

Edit: I just watched the archive for the RAGE tournament and mago tried to v-reversal out of birdies vt2 activation and took like 400 damage yo birdie is nuts now😂


Oooh. You were close. Its Garak.

Garrus was Mass Effect.



I failed cardassian spelling in grade school.

I went back and forth between those too… shrug




You guys been watching these?


LOL… thought I was the only one. There’s actual vid of me playing valle in 08 at an FFA tournie and I’m still trying to sweep xx fireball. Shit was guts.

Yeah, watching that game back brings back all kinds of nostalgia and happy feelings. The responsiveness, the quickness.

It was far from perfect, but when it felt good, man… it really felt good.

I think last nights games were the first times I’ve truly enjoyed sf5 beyond a mediocre level. It felt like actual sf.

A small small slice, but it was there.


Didnt realize that was the same league i just posted.

Fuudos Birdie is gross… In a good way.


Anybody here still play Soul Calibur? Was going to pick it up on launch but was a busy time so I held off. I know it had some issues like CaS stuff in ranked but wondering if those are fixed.


@Naeras Am I doing this right


Does anybody use Noctis in tournaments? I know I see Eliza at least once in a blue moon. Geese obviously is good enough to be a regular.


I saw a Noctis player in EVO Japan. Might have been top 8 too, can’t remember though.


Some of them. I need to watch more. I’m glad they Youtube cap them because I think you need to use Japanese streaming programs to watch it otherwise.


Good matches. Nemo rocking his Kolin and Fuudo obviously working on his Birdie.

Just the pros playing. Not the students.


Off top of my head cherryberrymango, kurokuro, PJT use Noctis.


…actually nvm, I can’t go with Tekken as a casual game.

There’s no replays at all. So I can’t record and upload replays to review and take notes on. And my PC isn’t strong enough to record while playing, would have to play at a low resolution and it’s not 100% stable like it is when I’m not recording



See you’re picking up the best fighter. I approve.

Downback 1+2 is your best friend with Noctis.


Should’ve waited before posting there XP


Smh lol