SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Gimme 5 mins


Sure. Will be using my pc version as my nephews are playing the PS4

Ill send the invite. Let me know when.


invite me now, I’m setting up the stream
ZioSerpe is the CFN


Invite sent.

I was ShinTwinblades when I played you in battle lounge last year. Lol



It’s all tied up. I’ma do some shit and I’ll check out the final results.




He gets the trash can I get a massive headhache for having to deal with Cammy


Ggs zio!! Lol.

How was connection on your side? Bit roll backy for me. But I’d have lost anyway lol.


That was fun! Thanks guys.


gave me a little trouble with the whole AA thing but it was k.


What was the score.
10-7 or 10-6

Gimme the trashbin Pertho!!


10-7, would have been 10-5 if I didn’t drop drop my VT 1 combo xD


Quite entertaining and close. GGs to both.


AAd those 2 VT dive kicks in the 2nd match and I got cocky.


You did a really swag combo on me lol. Nice one!

The rollback made me do a few wrong confirms. Saw the hitspark then it rolled back. But i already confirmed the spiral arrow lol.


What’s the next SRK Scrub event we have guys?

We can do East Coast/West Coast/Oceanic/South America/Middle East.


Went to my local today and I went 0-2 again. My 1st match was actually on stream and it made me kind of nervous. I definitely felt I could have done better and also dropped a couple of rounds when I was ahead as well.

But on the bright side I got to play casual way more today than any other time I went. I had a lot of fun and it did help that I won every set against all 3 guys I faced including a FT10 in my last one. Still want to get that 1st win out of the way but playing casuals is like the main reason why most of us go to locals and I’m glad I got to do more of that today.


I will have some time tomorrow if some of the US guys want to play?


actually I totally canned a swag combo after dizzy in the corner

But I mistimed the initial stomp