SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Good lord that combo looks hard to do lol.

The only combo I can do is Jhk Stmp Sthp Spiral arrow. And even then, I drop it all the time lol.

Really hope you had fun just now and that you continue to play SFV!


If I dorp the stomp is actually pretty easy, also does more damage without it, but loses swag factor.
Actually I will keep not playing SFV unless I am called out to. Gonna try new character if something interesting comes out, but I just don’t enjoy the game like I enjoy the others.

It was nice to play for fun though


We’re going to open another thread before S4 news and reveals, amazing.


Maybe even one more after that.


That’s like trying to learn Melee and picking up Jigglypuff. But okay.

He shows up every now and then. I don’t think he’s been in top 8 of anything big, though.
Thing is, he’s essentially the online character. Offline it’s usually doable to react to his infamous db1+2 vs db2 mixup, which means he actually has to play proper Tekken if you’re playing offline. But online? You can gamble on db1+2 / db2 all day from a spacing nobody else can do anything, and his animations are really deceptive so while he’s reasonably easy to sidestep on paper, it gets harder when you can’t fucking see what moves even look like they’re steppable.

Eliza is gimmicky AF and is represented in tournaments solely because Chanel is a perv and plays waifus all day. Geese is a super good tournament character though, and a great mix between solid Tekken fundamentals and “fuck you I’m an SNK boss”-stuff. Really fun to play too.


New thread needs to list the SRK Scrub Hall Of Famers.

East Coast
West Coast etc.


East Coast would be me.


So far, super plat people are proving to be much better than me.
I will be staying on casuals for a few days more to get a feeling of it and improve against them. This is fun.
It is so nice to play people better than you and try to learn from it.


Isn’t the only thing you learn in SFV to go more derp derp the harder you hit a wall?
Especially with Grappler.


The more patient and lame I am playing, the better I am performing at it.


So your opponents are just bad, if they lose to a tactic used to beat people below Gold with ease.
Got it.


I tried using Lee Chaolan first and ended up hating Tekken entirely

So deviating from the norm seemed the best course of action XP

But can’t deal with no replays


Lee is a notoriously difficult character to be fair. Requires a LOT of effort to get him to work. He’s super powerful in s2 though, provided you have the execution to do his b3,3-pickups and wallcarry loops.

I still suggest Geese to people coming from 2D, he usually makes sense to 2D-players and not he’s particularly difficult to pick up (though he has a pretty high ceiling, lots of really cool high damage combo routes). But if no replays ruin everything, there’s no point I guess. :V


Still don’t know why Tekken doesn’t have them…TTT2 had them, Soul Calibur 6 has them, why doesn’t Tekken 7? Makes no sense.

Anywho, now for something that the thread can get behind



I finally made 31,000 LP. I was on a tear and won about 18 games with one loss. I feel that I’ve broken a plateau I’ve been at for a while. I can be wildly inconsistent in my play from game to game and MU to MU.




We’re posting asses again?



Well, that is better than posting boobs at least. :neutral_face:


Is this a challenge?

I mean I won’t post IRL stuff here, since I have no needs to rely on interweb stuff to fulfill my needs, but I can barrage you with other stuff.