SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Tweedy is an asshole nobody ever liked and for the most part people are happy to see him eat shit on this.


we posting ass?


Lmao, there’s no US tournament without some drama shit.


It’s a well known fact that CoolKid’s wife is the living embodiment of every black woman stereotype you have ever heard.
Wouldn’t call it drama.


She’s the obnoxiously loud lady right?

Fucking hell.

The lack of self awareness.



Nemo plz


I had finally cracked down that hyper hop QCF timing on P2 side then I went to take a dump and 20 mins late I lost it already


1:19 Nemo walks back just incase Tokido does something nuclear then grabs him fast as fuck for the set up
1:25 micro steps into HA FUCK YOU normal into death

Hmm, so basically Tokido could have survived if he baited the EX Fuck You at 1:15, aint no Urien blocking in the corner with EX, or VR’d the VT activate…or just take it all and die like I would have

Nerf Urien, Nerf Akuma and Nerf Nemo’s victory face


Once again, topic is supposed to be asses

stop posting SFV in my ass thread, or are you cleverly implying that SFV is ass?


There’s always a time in this thread where my attention goes far away from SF. You can’t pretend SFV attention from me with all these asses.

Keep going y’all.


Well the most important question is not if SFV is ass, but what kind of ass it is in terms of quality




I just have to accept that over all… I don’t have fun playing sf5.

Which sucks because I like sf so much, I’d dare go as far to say as I don’t have as much fun playing sf5 as I did sf4 and I hated that game… but at the same time I had characters I enjoyed on that one.

Also the crowd and times were different… so it might be some bias in saying that.

But I def don’t have fun playing it, I enjoy fighters and competitive games.


So I finally got to try the DoA6 demo and… I don’t get it?

Everything feels weird. Alot of attacks don’t feel like they sell the hit very well (plenty still do), and many of the characters have bizarre moves and idle poses. Seriously, everyone gives MK shit for bizarre animations and drunken idle poses, but DoA seems arguably worse.

That said, I don’t know much about the game, but tended to gravitate toward characters that feel like they have force behind what they are doing. I wound up enjoying LeiFang the most… which is probably bad for me again.

Also, doing chain grabs is fun as heck, I forgot how much fun those were.


Remy Lacroix,what a legend :peach:


SFV used to be fun in Season 1 and 2. Now it’s not fun. They should add back Elena, they can even white wash her some more I don’t care.


We’ve had the game for 3 years and change, plus the competition (ArcSys in particular) has amazing games, it’s just obvious the honeymoon is over for many.

this HAS to be photoshopped


Y’all the real MVP for the booty posts💯
( Insert core values joke here I’m too late to come up with one)



Since we’re posting Asian booty :heart: