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I have a type


Yeah some of the moves in DOA seem as if there’s no impact behind them at all.

The break blows are done well though. Simple, effective and have lots of impact behind them.

Only issue I have with Doa is the silly interactive stages with pterodactyls, octopuses and what not.

It was worse in doa5. They had 3 circus stages and you’d get knock into a clown’s mouth and he’d spit you out and you go flying in a comical manner.

I like my fighting games to be cool, not silly.




I don’t mind the silly so much really. Just based on my initial impressions things just don’t “feel” right all the time. It’s tough to put into words.

Some of it may be the art too? With Lei Fang for example, she’s a tiny girl, but most of her moves have lots of momentum and whipping around, which makes it feel right. Alot of the other characters are equally tiny, but they have these animations that are just generic slaps, coupled with a weak sound effect… It doesn’t feel good. I mean, Hugo (as a counter point) has a slap, but that look like it hurts. I wonder how much that would be improved if the girls even looked like they had any business in a fight.

Also, the idle poses are really bad, I know you really won’t ever see them, but the fact that I even noticed says something.

I also think the game has a case of “Doll-itus” where many of the female characters look like a different haircut on the same model. Swap the hair, skin color… done.


Tina’s idle pose in DOA6 is wild.

I agree able the doll factor. All the chars in DOA have a really plastic-y look that weirds me out when the chars aren’t slapping each other around. At least the game is usually very active so I only really notice it during intros and outros.

Been wanting to play that demo but still haven’t had the chance to fire it up at all.


Lei Fang and Christie are crazy too.

I have no fucking clue what Lei Fang is supposed to be doing in her idol pose. And Christie, it has the same WTF as Lei Fang, coupled with posture that I think might be impossible for a real human.

Nico’s is dumb, but not distracting at least.

@GetTheTables Wanna play some SFV for a bit. There is no Akhos now, so we could get more than one match at a time in. :slight_smile:


No need to post photoshopped PAAGs, they are a real thing now. But I like em’ skinny fit like Karin Waifu



I’m right here :neutral_face:


Well, you are welcome to play too.



I’ll be on in a little bit then



I’m on now, so anyone can invite whenever.


I forgot everyone here isn’t heterosexual so here you go.


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The thread derailed quickly.


Given how @MilesRiey goes on about SFV butts I’d say we’re right on topic


Fighting game butts are important, they like 90% of my character choices


As someone who thoroughly enjoyed DoA5, 6 looks worse. Haven’t played the demo, but it looks like they absolutely got rid of the hitsparks and the way the animations flow the impact feels a lot less than 5. At least Nyotengu got botched on the looks, she lost her mature vibe and now blends more with the others.

I believe it was @Baines who said they changed to a completely different engine used in their action games, which probably means wasn’t truly fit to the needs of an FG. At least the game director is different, so that might also be an explanation.

As long as the gameplay is good I’ll play it. 5 was already pretty good so improvements are a plus.



Tina’s cracks me up cause it just titty shaking. Lei Fang’s has always been weird. I know that is supposed to be her style but it mostly looks like she is high and loves seeing her hands move.

Gonna have to rain check SFV until possibly later. Today is all chores for me until the evening. :unamused:


You heathens should be picking best girl Mila in DOA.