SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


I know SFV gets a bad rep for lack of defensive options and such but sometimes I feel like I’m much more limited at that in DBFZ D:


The idle animations have definitely gotten weirder over time. Like Marie Rose’s explains a lot of it. She doesn’t move in a way that a real person would ever move. Her body looks like someone posed an action figure to stick into that pose.

Animations have been overall pretty solid in older DOA games, but there is some stuff that looks rushed or just doesn’t look “real”. I like that the characters look a bit less anime now than they did before. Especially the girls.

Haven’t played the game yet, but seems like it’s typical DOA with some new/simplified stuff. No more mashing out of stuns but can now spend meter to break any attack and get back in position. Like the idea. Not sure if they fixed the forced tech thing that was in beta versions of the game or if sitting on the floor is going to be a real thing now. We’ll see.


Let’s keep it real, developers just need to give up with using physx for breast. The ONLY game that I’ve played that did it right was Nioh: Automata…and 2B/A2 were androids ironically. Edit: Can’t forget RE2 with Ada


Lost all my points again.

That should ensure I’m #1 on the worst list!


If I ever get it, I feel like I would really gel with DOA. It’s just fun countering people who have no idea what to do right now. Hitomi is pretty much a less cute Makoto, but I’ve been having fun with Mila. She’s just great and punching people in the face is even better.


Pick Rig. I think his animations are great, and have “oomph” behind them. As someone who practiced Taekowndo, I think his moves look good.


@FlyingVe GGs, but…I was expecting another 5+ hour session there. I feel cheated!


Game. Set. Match.


You’re #1 on the Whine list, I’ll give you that much


Lost some points, but made Juri player rage quit on my honest Falke so all good. I won the last round all with buttons and anti airs like SF2 and he didn’t like that. You’re not going to honest Juri rob me today boy.



Guile’s booms shouldn’t red chip


Since you only slightly dipped into Diamond before getting back up to Super I might spare you first worst. Obviously there is some fight still left in you. I’ll figure it out.


You should pick up Menat so you can stop hating Guile so much


I had real people show up. I will be on later.

I feel like I’m playing a little better today. Maybe I learned something. I’m still missing my sHP after Zeku cHP CC. I can do stuff after that, but not if in miss the (easy) link.

I will post when I am back.


silly me for picking characters I like and expecting the devs for not making a character that simply outclass a good portion of the cast while requiring little to no skill


Bro you’re on here crying about a different character every week on god


At least you know Urien requires skill.



Requiring little to no skill


Guile got some pretty significant nerfs. He’s strong, but no where near the stomper he used to be. Especially for Juri, matchup is even or 4.5-5.5 at the worst.