SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


at my level you can press his 0 ob cr.mp 3 times in a row without being interrupted once so no, maybe at tournament level but he’s easily on of the best online characters


I could’ve sworn guile cr. Mp was a 6 framer and +1 on block. Should definitely be able to treat it like cammy’s in the sense that chaining into itself isn’t real and you can blow it…


At that level, most players only know how to do one thing.
Lab that thing, shut it down and they DIE.

So, git gud. You could be beating them if you wanted.


talking about urien


Urien’s is really +0 on block? Lol, so many questions that I don’t think I want the answer to.


teach me how to shut down sonic booms, better walkspeed and buttons than the characters I play


Neutral jumps beat sonic boom. Positioning beats walk speed.
Learn the best range of your buttons and stick to it and you will beat their buttons.
Abuse armour when you can and projectile invincible moves that move forward.


Since you guys are all about ass, I’ll give you a fun word to search for a relic of GD’s more active past: sunday bunday.


Honestly I literally never venture outside of this thread.

Before the SRK crisis i posted in like one thread outside the SFV section.


neutral jumps don’t exactly beat booms, you don’t get hit but you let him free to reposition himself for about 46 frames and if you’re too close he can still flash kick you.
The problem with positioning against Guile is that his buttons are pretty much better than most of what my characters have from a range and speed pov, only Juri’s st.mk is overall a better buttons but even then you’re not exactly free to move and reposition yourself as you please since once you’re out of his buttons’ range he can go back to booms and even if he doesn’t he’s still faster than you so closing the gap or positiong himself it’s not a big problem.
Urien’s armored moves are good against him but you need the space and time to get the armor in the first place (same for Juri v skill hence why I try to save meter for ex ryo when playing her) and it’s not like things get much better once you’re close to him, you either kill him off one aegis mixup or it’s GG


Pick up Falke or Ibuki and youll do just fine vs Gweel


Just… how he will flash kick if he is close to you if boom total movement is 50 frames?
He does that, you block, Guile dies.

Also, if he is that close, you can cross up him mostly for free, or even get a jump attack out of neutral jump with your highest ranged air button.



Damn, the time flew right by.


GG’s fam but I was thinking about what would happen if I just reached acrossed the screen and grabbed you up real quick. Now obviously I’m a Christian so like you know I wouldn’t do nothing but I slip sometimes lmao

Also sorry for being the worst SF player in the world.


To make art or to stay lazy and play games/watch movies all day… oh such a challenge to me :S


I felt that energy when I gripped you with the Hooligan slam twice :sunglasses:

But it’s cool. You’ll get me next time.


This video about dealing with sonic boom is still relevant today.


?? Booms have a 10 frames startup and 28 frames of recovery.
And how exaclty do you cross him up for free? It’s not like he can’t FK crossups and tbh the hard part is getting close to him.
Then again nothing stops Guile from just walking back and using his great AA normals


all you gotta do is put Sunday Bunday in the search bar and then be prepared to:



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