SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


40 frames total and he needs 12 frames to store charge after the boom for somersault.
Iirc and from what I tested, you can’t store charge during boom, only during v-skill.

Also, focus on beating the player, not the character and you will rank up, ffs.
Players have tons of faults. They aren’t fucking frame perfect robots.


And if all else fails, there are a couple of characters that kind of push Guile’s shit in.


Every menat and guile I play is one rashid, bison, akuma, gief or birdie that I was saved from. :pray:t4:


Yo bea, does gief ex spd catch backdash or is it just a read?


That is a read. You have to delay ex SPD for at least 5 or 6 frames to catch them out of the throw invul frames and out of the airborne frames.
EX air SPD can catch back dashes from frame zero from a read too since it is strike, not throw.


Frame 3, actually. So it’s the same as grabbing them when the throw protection frames end with a regular grab.

Backdashes are grounded frames 1 and 2, then go airborne and into a counter-hit state on frame 3 and the rest is character dependent


Frame 0, because ex air SPD has 4 active frames. So you will catch them on frame 3.


So I’m being predictable on defense.

Zzzz fuck gief, lmao.


…huh. 12 posts left.

Someone should say something profound before DJ makes the next thread


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Thighs are highest.

I hate women.


That got dark at the end.

Boobs are great but somewhat overrated. A nice ass is way better.

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No really I’m not being a softie I have a weird ventricle fetish.


Actually, you want a woman that is the right kind of crazy for you.
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Otherwise it is just suffering.

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How the hell are we finishing these threads so fast when we have no SFV news?


Because we are bored thus we post a lot.


We’re gonna hitting the 3000 posts goal right after Final Round next month.


Wow her tits are fucking huge huh


I learned that lesson the hard way. :grin:

Although what I probably learned more was the kinds of crazy that are and aren’t going to align with mine.

We make our own content. People in the biz call it emergent gameplay and it is all the rage. Capcom truly was on the cutting edge with SFV.

Helps that people are playing online and each other more so the threads keep chugging along with salt, shit talking, and feedback even when news is dry.


It’s more fun to post than play SFV.


So is anyone playing tonight before the thread closes


I’m making food. I will be on after.