SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Ibuki smells


DJ knows that though, and likes it. You have to go deeper to damage DJ.

You could point out that DJ only ever got 9th at 3rd strike in Evo. Which means he was as good as you can possibly be at a game… and yet have no one remember anything about your skill.

@Akhos @GetTheTables I’m on now, you can invite me whenever.


Right but she smells really bad doe


Invite sent


We should give DJ the trash can.


Alright Ve keep him busy I need water


I heard someone say something about Ibuki, so…


I’m sorry I couldn’t see which char you were using. My monitor was awash in stink lines. Could barely see the match.


See I’m so scrubby I can’t even use the best character in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


I couldn’t see either, but I was birdie so I stole one round just mashing sMP with my forehead.


That is clearly because he decided to give his opponents a chance.
He needed not an EVO 3S trophy!


Oh god I got a bad read on char select :frowning:

Edit: Hey guys I think this Kolin character might be pretty good. Someone should look into that.


Ed > Cody confirmed


That would have been me. The news came from a June 2018 interview with the director.

In the interview, he mentioned that they decided to use the engine created for Dynasty Warriors 9. He mentioned how the DOA dev team had to work with the DW9 engine team to adapt it to fit a 1v1 fighting game. He also mentioned how the DOA team had to change its various production pipelines to work with the new engine.

What I don’t recall him ever mentioning is why they made the engine change. The only hint seemed to be a line about trying to “modernize” the DOA series, when he segued into talking about an ultimately aborted attempt to use full body IK for (all?) animation.


…that would explain a lot


GGs @Akhos @FlyingVe

I was worried I was gonna play like mega ass because I was feeling off before the matches but that was actually the most comfortable I’ve felt playing in a long time. Fun times.

Also proved that if Ryu hadn’t killed Bison he would have kicked Ed’s ass. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


GGs all

Sorry to cut it short @FlyingVe but I got work in the morning and all that

Gotta be more concious about when you’re pressing stuff is the main thing I’m noticing, a lot of the time I’m able to swat what’s coming 'cause you have a lot of the same tendencies. Like dash forward jab jab slower button, which I can interrupt. Or you like pressing sthk twice in a row just outside of its range, hoping to catch something. I approve of pressing sthp a lot with Young Zeku though, that button’s really good :stuck_out_tongue:

Or on defense, almost every time I did stmp, walk forward for almost half a second, into another stmp, you’d press a button after that stmp and I’d just frame trap and catch you with crmp every time.

I fall into the same issue oftentimes, gotta rewatch your matches and see where you tend to repeat the same motions, and switch it up more. Otherwise you’ll feel like everyone else is Geese Howard~


So I got to play DOA6 for like 15 mins after hopping off SFV just to say I did.

I was pretty impressed by the training mode info. But that could also be T7s barebones approach.

Didn’t play any matches but @Evil_Canadian makes it look damn fun with his stream matches (bless for the YT post, I can never catch live stream). Still not sure if I’m gonna shell out for the game proper but if nothing else I’ll definitely check it out when the core fighters version comes out.


Finally played the demo.

The game looks MUCH better live than in the vids. More than poor frame rate or animation, hits lacking impact is due to some aesthetical choices like no hitsparks and hit sounds being a bit low and tame. A little more loud effects for hits and we’re ready to wreck shit.

I’m missing a lot the option to display the available chains to each button as you press it, was a very fast and slick way to learn the moveset of a character. In the absence of that, the full run of the character’s moveset that gives you some ingame money would be appreciated since I can only remember like a third of the moveset of my DoA5 main Kokoro.

On another point, OMG at last I can spot Wi-Fi warriors on the move and turns out they were all the opponents I played with. How bit is the proportion of WiFi vs wired?

Hype reignited. About time 3D fighting gets a legit current representative.

EDIT: da fuck why can’t I keep hitting the opponent after the KO? That should be a mandatory feature in every FG!


Yeah I’m super hype bout DOA WiFi warrior filter. Got my bae Mila and play some Rig on the side. Just need the netcode to be good upon release and I’ll be throwing money at the screen for costumes.