SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


That’s not crazy at all, they maybe could get buu saga in. But overall I agree and must people do that they ran the show into the ground.


Popularity aside, DBZ is probably one of the worst properties to make a FG out of. Everyone fights with the same abilities for the most part, so the show relies on other tools to make the fights exciting like the circumstances around the fight, the scale of the power shown, the difference in strength between fighters, etc.

But in a video game setting you don’t have those tools for balance and engine reasons. Here is where games tend to rely on variety in abilities to make the fights exciting, but DBZ is lacking in that department.

Also the Buu saga is the worst thing to ever come out of the franchise sans GT.


My unpopular opinion is that Dragonball would make a better fighting game than DBZ. Seemed like everyone had unique abilities for the most part.


Buu saga may not have been the best, but had a lot of powerful moments.
GT was a mistake.


Gotta come clean I didn’t watch the buu saga entirely. I’m old enough (30) that I caught it all on tv. Cell saga was the last one I REALLY watched. Years later a friend started watching gt I couldn’t get into it shit was trash. I just thought buu looked bad ass. And the fusions too.


I couldn’t finish Buu saga. Just hated watching it that much.


Buu/Raditz/Vegeta Saga = S Tier


Speaking of salt (late to the party again I know), was hanging out with a friend and he wanted to play Tekken 7, since he hasn’t gotten the chance to try it yet and I haven’t played it very much either

I picked Noctis and now my friend thinks he’s cheap and broken 'cause “his range is too good” and “he does too much damage” (while he’s using Bryan and Feng Wei)

Swords are fun. Add a character with a sword to SFV Capcom


Either we get another Doll with a weapon



Broly isn’t in the original Dragon ball so… you are wrong.


Not wanting to play with Tien in real savage mode.



I was saying that because someone mentioned dbfz being repetitive. Y’all really wouldn’t like a DB fighting game?


I’ve never seen db so i wouldn’t even know


Well we at least wouldn’t have 10 versions of Goku and Vegeta I guess


Thats actually one of vegetas specials in game lol.

I always thought ki blasts should do some chip damage to balance out the super dash weakness


Ki blasts are already really fast and confirm into a combo. They aren’t for spamming though.

DJ said it well, think of them more as pokes than keepaway tools.


If it weren’t for GT, the Buu Saga would be the low point of Dragon Ball. There is so much dumb shit in the Buu Saga it isn’t funny.


I mean you can justify the anti-spam too as faithfulness to the source material. What I cannot justify is the lack of chip damage.

Between DBFZ AND SFV I feel like there is a war on projectiles if you know what I mean.


IMO Dragon Ball is the best series in the franchise. The fights were choreographed more like actual fights. If you’ve see Street Fighter 2 The Animated Movie, that should give you a decent idea of how the fights in Dragon Ball went.


I’m not knowledgable enough on SFV but projectiles are really strong in DBFZ.