SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Its been 3 years im not expecting any more improvements to the netcode but if theres one feature i would love to have is to filter out wifi users.


Girls will come and go. But fighting games will always be here for us.


fun fact, they already have a improved netcode. sitting there, waiting to be implemented.


I know this is a joke but having roughly only 24 hours of direct communication left with my gf is slowly killing my mood. Hopefully FG’s kill the sting or at least distract me from it.


Booze works better.

But if you are up for more street fighter, I’m free.


No thanks i need to head to bed soon unfortunately


No problems.


If you’re a zoner, then you are relegated to the 1000 papercuts sphere.

Don’t expect any pity, it’s what you choose to be.
Nobody cares about poor ol’ Zangief when he had trouble getting in.
Nobody cares about Guile when his damage just doesn’t add up in the long game.
Nobody cares about Menat getting her st.HP jumped in on.
Nobody cares about Falke’s cr.HP/PP trading.

You know the game you’re playing, act like it.


Lmao, what a funny conversation.

Idk. I like zoning and rushdown. I don’t like games (or characters) that overly cater to either aspect of play becaus to me that means autopilot gameplay (the bad kind) and also makes games more read based rather than strategy or timing based, and strategy and timing/execution are things I respect much more reads… but that’s me.

Tbh, anything goes really. It’s all down based on preference. We are all human so we will all have things that we are better at. I’m good at timing rhythm and strategy. Not good at high end reactions. I’m also not good at specific reads, which is funny because one of my best attributes as a player is my ability to read my opponents, but they aren’t specific reads, they are general reads, I understand how to beat someone in a GENERAL way, rather than in a “perfectly predict his next move right now” sort of way… meaning that when I beat people it’s because I absolutely shut down their offense, or I learn the key to their defense, exploit it and leave them a psychological mess that I can do basically whatever I want to.

Newschool games allow for this less because they are more based around reactions than psychological manipulation. You only get to play the psychology game after you’ve proven mastery of the reactive game.

It is what it is. Zoning is the same way in these games. You can zone, but you have to first prove your mastery of various ranges and timings and what your specific opponent wants to do at various states of the game. In oldschool however it was a bit more cut and dried. You were safe here and unsafe there.

Idk, I like both sides but I want cheaper and stronger options all around to make for strong damaging counters for those times when you DO hit a specific read.

As an example for dbfz, I like the homing dash ability to go through projectiles, HOWEVER, in its current state I think it’s way too strong. I’d make it so that homing dash only goes through projectiles after an initial startup time. That way, going through projectiles is more guess based rather than an easy reaction. Therefor it balances out:

If the opponent is hyper predictable with his timing, then the other guy has an easy answer. However if the opponent is good at mixing up timings angles and ranges, then the other guy has to take a risk and empty homing dash in, which can be easily countered. To me this makes perfect sense. And I’d adjust chip based on perceived strength of projectile. So a move that doesn’t home, has a small hitbox, maybe even longish startup… would do massive chip. But a move that homes in, has fullscreen range, and fast startup, would do less chip.

To me this onky makes perfect sense. You would try and use your low chip moves to force your opponent into a predictable position to get hit by or block your higher chip move. Simple cause and effect which is where fighting games shine for me.


Watch the game DBf wish it were.


My experience with Fist of the North Star was identical to my experience with Dragon Ball: how did this ever become popular?


What’s not to like about a post-apocalyptic setting with manly men who are not only warriors but cry like real men do and make you grow tumors with their punches?


Never tried the drunk street fighter thing and gonna give it go Bet I’m fucking godlike


Don’t hurt him @GetTheTables he didn’t mean it.


Yeah drunk street fighter is impossible or don’t work in diamond getting washed some fierce.


I’ll watch a few matches of BrokutoNoKen before I sleep.


I’m only putting this here to quell some of your whining. <3


I’m so mad I never got into the Fist of the North Star fighting game. Watched a fair amount of the Anime and enjoyed it. Kenshiro is cool.


Nash had a good fireball game too. Ryu’s fireball game is bad because he’s meant to be an all rounder. The character’s designed not be strong at any one thing. I’m sure his frame data was in mind when designing the characters, since he got released a few months after the game’s release.
What makes guile’s playstyle such a threat too is that his booms are plus on block. So you block a boom, not only do you take chip damage and get pushed back but you also dont get your turn back. But it’s still guile’s turn. On top of that having superior normals to most of the cast. It’s why the game’s balanced was effed for so long.


The first match is awesome. Ryan played like he was possessed.