SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Damn, I’ve just changed my avatar and people reminded suddenly the Manliest Anime of All Time.



I always thought Kenshiro kinda looks like Toguro.


Why do you think I’m rocking The Real Jesus?



I was actually listening to the soundtrack to this just a few days ago.


Nash’s fireballs are good, I just don’t consider his fireball game great anymore since he doesn’t really have the type of movement you need to make it great. He has to commit to a spot to throw fireballs and doesn’t have anything great for moving backwards while throwing them.

Ryu has a real fireball game now, it’s just the fact that since he’s so short ranged outside of the fireball he can’t really dictate it as well as Guile or Sagat. Which is why they are the only real hard fireball chuckers in the game.

The stuff you mentioned about Guile is stuff that happens when you deal with Guile in any other game too. It’s just since he also has real offense it puts him over the top. A little bit less so now that the fraud Guiles who can’t actually play boom games can’t just sit on LP boom anymore.


IIRC the sound track was actually good.


Buu saga was the weakest one in the series but it had some cool moments like

Mystic Gohan
Vegeta vs Goku
Super Saiyan 3
The Vegeta final atonement


How do you fight the zoners that can walk behind their Fireballs?


There are lots of good moments in the Buu saga… but the saga is so damn long that they get spread out a ton.

Also, the final fight with Kid Buu is pretty good. The fight you mentioned between Goku and Majin Vegeta is one of the best in the show… even if moments later they reveal that Goku was basically just fucking around.


Doesn’t Mystic Gohan get absorbed like 2 episodes after getting his powerup? Lol

They did that nigga so dirty i swear


Keyword: Moments.


Part of the deal with post-Namek Dragon Ball is that it’s pretty hard to go anywhere interesting after Goku’s become “the strongest in the universe” after becoming a super Saiyan. Hence the first thing they’re thinking of is “let’s give him a heart disease”.

Before that point the series is pretty entertaining though. The tone of the series changes once Namek happens, but Namek was actually interesting, with the whole cat-and-mouse-thing on Namek being pretty exciting, and with Vegeta and Frieza (particularly Frieza) being excellent villains.


Also, Goku is basically gone the whole time, which prevents them from pulling the usual Goku-Ex-Machina that the series would rely on alot after that.


Yeah namek saga is still my favorite arc but my God the power scaling is so random in DBZ. Goku could barely keep up with Vegeta and it took the help of 3 people to beat him. Then comes namek saga Vegeta is murdering everyone till the Ginyu force shows up and he couldn’t do any damage to recoome then Goku shows up and one shots him lol


I mean, its dragon ball. I love it to death… but its very dumb.


Yeah its very much a “turn your brain off” show. Can’t dig to deep or you start to get problems.


I played at a tournament today and I realized I’m not good at SFV. I know taking the throw is the better thing to do, but I keep falling for tactics like blocked jump in into neutral jump in right after. I’m still not fully used to SFV I think.


It really is. I love the cinematic feel it is giving me. But it isn’t particularly memorable.


When I read this I thought “he’s talking about the Gary Daniels one right?” Sure enough. :grin:

I was super pumped when that movie was gonna come on HBO back in the day. I had watched a lot of Gary Daniels movies at the time and thought it could be cool.

Fun fact: one of my former Kung Fu instructors is an extra in Bloodmoon. He’s one of the guys that gets his ass kicked at the bar for harassing the main character’s niece I think it is. Apparently the actress couldn’t fight for shit so that scene is an Asian dude in a wig and her outfit spin kicking them.

The more you know.

Missed this. Got sucked into playing DMC4 in anticipation for 5. I’ll be around after dinner if you’re still up for games.


Maybe, some friends wanted to play Sea of Thieves, so Imma do that for a bit.

I’m at home tomorrow for most of the day (have a flight in the afternoon), so I will have time to kill tomorrow also.

Also, I am gold now… Yay?