SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


You’re definitely too good to be in Silver. Congrats bro


Eh… at this point its just a factor of how much ranked I can put up with at a time.

Most people still just beat themselves. While I’m guilty of that myself… I stand by that statement.

My personal evaluation was that at the moment I belong in gold somewhere. My offense is still too weak. I have some VT2 dirt now, but may base offense/pressure needs work.


I’m here to rant about rank again I don’t know how anyone has fun in this mode. It’s annoying as fuck to be fighting people in Yugoslavia or Cambodia or some shit when you are in the US. The fact that this mode exists with no region or wifi filter is a joke. Then of course the one and dones and all that crap. I’m only platinum but I also don’t feel good getting matched up with gold or super gold and beating them down. I feel like I am stealing points as silly as that sounds. Then there is the netcode. Have a 5 bar restriction then go into a match that’s teleport central with another foreign flag player anyway.

At least in casual or whatever nothing is on the line. I probably shouldn’t care so much, but fuck it, I do. It’s horseshit when instead of fighting your opponent, you’re fighting the craptacular matchmaking, netcode, and poor sportsmanship at times too. Rant over.


Swell! Well done and congratulations on reaching gold! :slight_smile:


I used to love Bloodmoon, that’s cool as shit man. They did a good job with the actress, I didn’t realize they subbed her out for an Asian dude.

I found a youtube retrospective on the Fist of the Northstar. The movie would have been better if they listened to Gary Daniels. He apparently choreographed more elaborate fights that they wouldn’t sign off on. He convinced them to film a fight between Kenshiro and ten dudes. When he got to the set, they only gave him three guys. He also wanted Kenshiro’s concluding fight with Shin to end with Shin’s head exploding. Ah well.


Makes sense. I was also watching those same VHS tapes. The one that got me was Vampire Hunter D. Less gore porn than Fist and more plot. They tried making a survival horror game out of it but I heard it sucked. (Besides, survival horror needs a weak protagonist to really work.).

The second Vampire Hunter D movie was also really good. I wonder why they stopped making them. There’s like 30 novels in the series by now.

… I guess I’m a plot and world building kind of guy?


They need to add this to EVO.


Rather play that than Tekken.


:triumph: at the end you will get bodied in both :smile:


True but one of them would actually be fun.


Speaking of Tekken, I went back and played through the story mode today

I can at least give it credit for giving the soldiers guns and weapons, unlike dumbass Bison and his Shadaloo base that any random person can wander into and get into a fist fight at worst :rofl:


Congrats man. Welcome to the most funnest rank.

I would 100% believe that. The thing about the live action FotNS movie is that even at the time it looked cheap. I mean hell when you say “Gary Daniels movie” my first thought is “well I guess they spent the budget on Gary Daniels, hope the choreography is fun”. :grin:

Both Vampire Hunter D movies are great. First one shows its age a bit but held up the last time I watched it and Bloodlust was one of the most awesomely animated movies I remember watching. Prior to the Netflix show I would have said they are some of the best ways to get your Castlevania fix in animated form.

I’m the same way about shows and movies. I still love that anime will throw zany shit out there so I don’t mind watching something relatively dumb but shiny, but anymore I need shows that are to the point. Give me 1-2 seasons max. Side benefit is those usually have better narrative arcs and characterization though not always.

The days of me making it through uncut DBZ are long, long behind me.


This always stuck out to me. Almost nobody in SF carries a firearm, not even the various military characters. Reminds me of The Legend if Korra where they have access to some industrial revolution level technology or even steampunk but not even a basic musket lol. Guess it’s one of those common martial arts tropes.


Because people end up getting shot. Mitsurugi’s ending in Soul Blade is that he tries to prove the katana is better than a gun. Ends up getting shot.

:joy: :joy: :joy:



Lol i remember in one of those movies IJ us kicking bad guy ass and then one of their homies pops up with a sword and and Jones just blows him away lmfao


Reminds when I played bushido blade all those years ago and last dude whipped out a piece. Holy shit that mess had me dying, lmao. Nigga was slick with it too, he knew what’s up.


They actually had an elaborate fight choreographed for that part, but Harrison Ford came down with food poisoning that day so they had to improvise. I can’t imagine what they had planned ever being better than the way the scene is now.


That actually happened because Harrison Ford was sick. He was supposed to do a fight scene with the guy and turned to Steven Spielberg and said: “Can’t we just shoot the sucker?”

Shotouts to beek who replaied while I was replying.

Bushido Blade was the first game I rented on PS1. You can’t describe the amount of salt I had when the dude shot me.

Also you can kill the arcade mode boss while he is giving his speech. You get a dishonorable ending for not wanting to hear him drag on.



This game sounds godtier lol


Karin/Menat does indeed suck. I’ve been complaining about it since early season 3. Menat destroys Karin’s midrange advantage and she just doesn’t have a safe way to get in. I feel like if your character doesn’t have solutions to get around Menat’s zoning you have to have either an amazing v trigger or a command grab.