SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


The rare instances I’ve seen firearms uses in Street Fighter show them to utterly useless against Street Fighters.


Speaking of Bushido Blade what’s with all the samurai games coming out this year?

Samurai Shodown
Ghosts of Tsushima
Nioh 2

Capcom, where’s a new Onimusha?


Just need Capcom to pull the trigger on a Onimusha.


Knowing Capcom, they probably needed the remake to sell 3 million copies before they’d even consider it.


You better hope that re-release sells well man.


Kolin frequently has a gun


I’m wondering what Gief vs Menat will be like this season. Now that she actually has to use V Reversals and s.HP is more negative it maybe closer to 4 6 than the mess it was in S2/3. Armor universal buff gives him more room to absorb as he’s getting in also.

I got done 2 0ing some Ryu that streams and checked the video afterwards. First thing he said was “Awww man Falke is broken” and a couple of the chat monsters were like “the range on her stick is too big lol”. He said they shouldn’t have buffed her (lol), but also said things about the matchup that were pretty true. She pretty much eliminates most of Ryu’s standard mid range and he has to kinda guess in neutral to get anything going.


fighting Abigail


I kinda wanna try Falke but don’t want to spend money on PS+.

Welp, back to learning MvC2.


+100 :heart: for a UHF callback

G v Abigail after Laura v Abigail is one of the most cathartic match up swings I’ve experienced in this game.


That’s the first thing I do after playing a top player/streamer is to check the vid to see if they’re praising me or talking shit lol. Usually it’s the chat that ends up talking more shit. Guys like Brian F and Cool Kid seem really chill even if they lose a game.


I like G v Abi.

Thats one of the few matchups I think Abi is legit good in now.


Was his name “Brooklyn Knight”? I played the guy a little while back and I do my normal thing, which involves a lot of whiffed demon flips. I won 2-0 and I checked his stream. He basically laughed me off as some crazy scrub and that he wasn’t even taking it seriously.

Yes I did whiff demon flip a lot but I do it for a reason. It’s to build meter and annoy my opponent into trying something they probably shouldn’t. I got him to jump at me several times which were easy DP’s. When he stopped, I started sliding in. It’s annoying and looks dumb but there is a purpose behind it and if my opponent is letting me get away with it then I’m going to keep doing it. It’s pretty similar to how Blanka players keep spamming rainbow ball or Sim players will float a lot from far away.


Nah it was some latino dude named Protunic (has twictch in his CFN name). Never seen him before until today. Lots of tattoos and plays other games occasionally.

I’ve fought Brooklyn Night before. He did better than Protunic did any way.

Yeah it’s not like you were using aggressive demon flips. That’s more like stalling to build meter. It’s his fault if he gets caught up in that.


I have a story with him to lol. After Sagat and G came out I ran into Protunic’s Sagat in casual. I played the match in a way that’s favorable to me. When I had the life lead I started throwing out 2-3 hit red fireballs and was basically letting him know that he has to come to me.

I guess he didn’t like this and stopped trying to win. All he did was neutral jump the rest of the match. I won the match and left after that. He has beaten me and t-bagged me many times. I’m fine with that, but if you’re not going to try and beat me then you’re not worth my time.

I never bothered checking the VOD to see his reaction though but I’m guessing he probably had a salty reaction as usual.


Interesting. Easy to get under his skin he seems.

I watched a bit of his later stream and he tried playing Sagat for a few games and was like “Sagat is garbage” and went back to Ryu. I do even better fighting Sagat than Ryu so he wouldn’t have wanted that.

He then decided to end his stream by going into casual and beating up on an obvious side G player and freed him up with tea bags on every stun. LOL.


Stupidest shit to have ever hit the scene. Pretty sure all these cats wildin’ now wouldn’t have done that in MvC2 times.


Part of the reason you didn’t have to do it as much was because old games let you hit the opponent that was dying. So you didn’t have to resort to FPS tactics to show dominance after a round or during other 1 player scenarios.

Xbone KI was the best because it let you tea bag downed people inbetween rounds so you could build up their salt in the middle of the match. Then when you kill them you got all kinds of ways to keep hitting them or do an Ultimate on them. You can also generally keep hitting people with juggles after they are downed or killed so it was kinda old school in that sense.


What i don’t get about tbags is that we already have taunts but people don’t use them.


Maybe. The amount of people I’ve played that were legitimately good to those that were SF5 good is hilariously disproportionate.

Gonna be great to see these kids in SF6. If they don’t put in the buffer on normals, rip 95% of them.