SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


You’re just going to be bitching about people who are “SF6 Good”.

Meanwhile Tokido will still win everything.


You laugh but its a legit thing. There’s a lot of players that were skating buy with silly ass SF4 oki and nonsense. Same people who thought they were good at SF suddenly don’t know why they’re ass at 5. There’s a lot of people who think they have juice but are just skating buy with SF5 silliness.

Pretty funny.


Oh I know, its just every game will have its abusable shit that people can skate by on.


Yeah, and it was the same thing in SF3 and the same thing in SFA and the same thing in SF2. There’s always a difference between people good at one Fighting Game and people good at Fighting Games period.


We, I mean people wouldn’t teabag if Capcom didn’t nerf taunts in SFV.


Which is why I mentioned that most of the people I’ve had teabag me were SF5 good. Rashid players getting away with murder and thinking they’re great.

Silly ass nonsense but hey, :man_shrugging:


Teach me Falke DJ.

Also what those cheese next to my name all about?


It’s your SRK anniversary.


Maybe I’m biased from playing Laura into that MU but G feels like has good tools in that fight. Biggest thing is that if he can get Lvl 2 the fireball gets pretty good in that fight and the Lvl 3 fireball can be hard for Abi to navigate.

G’s defense sucks so he can easily explode but he can also do a surprisingly good job keeping the big guy out, and G’s offense has enough kick that he doesn’t have to try to kill that giant fucker with papercuts like other chars trying to zone him out.

I don’t thing G beats him for free or anything but based on what I’ve seen and experienced it seems even at worst.


The level 3 fireball is a bastard, but outside of that, G has the kind of pressure that Abi can gamble on and explode him better, and his defense is bad. However, if you get that lvl 3 fireball, things get really bad really fast.


“A day later, the user Pertho was jumped by Akuma, Rashid, and Bison” “That night he was suffocated by a pillow being held down by Guile”


I’m assuming G still blows up Menat these days? I haven’t seen too much of that matchup around. Just remember a match between Strider and Romance (Menat player from Mexico) and it seemed that vt1 was especially deadly against her.


I don’t play either character so… you’d have to ask @GetTheTables


So… who’s expecting news at Evo Jap?


I always lose in the most retarded way against Urien lol. Cot damn it.


There’s no way to lose to Urien that isnt some stupid nonsense.


Yeah and that is G in General: awesome with levels, much less awesome if he gets pressured.

I at least like it because I don’t necessarily need to wade into Abi’s arms and G can sort of play along with Lvl 2 prez fireball and multi hitting normals. And it’s not a bad match up to bring VT2 for more liberal VReversals and an armored move.

Fun fight. I wish there was more representation for these chars in CPT but I think they’re gonna be thin this year.

From my very limited and low grade experience, I can see where G would give Menat problems.

He has a decent set of tools to mess with her and she needs to stay on him cause if he levels up he can turn the zoning game around. Better if you’re a Sako style than a JWong style.

Also doesn’t help her that her damage output is on the lower side. It lets G play a little more fast and loose because if Menat doesn’t have CA or VT1 stocked the damage on a punish for ballsy move isn’t gonna be too bad. And it means she isn’t likely to kill him before he gets VT1 online which can be a problem if the fight is still close.


Not sure about the cheese thing, can’t see it.

Falke is press s.HP a lot and when they get scared of that f+HP them a lot. Use j.MP as a line to keep people from jumping or dashing on you too easy and learn light confirms into PP or EX PP to do solid damage while keeping people from dashing in. Know which matchups which specific shots are useful in.

Well it’s more than that, but that’s the start. If you actually start playing her lmk and I can go over what you’re doing or any questions.


Fuck sim he’s so gimmicky and fuck ranked too.
The salt is real tonight.


You gotta be the one to make people salty in ranked then you won’t be salty.

How I made people salty today.

  1. 2 0d Ryu that was streaming and said Falke is broken.

  2. Once again cleaned up Blanka player that I troll in stream chats under troll account. I always ask him “is Falke bothering you lately” and other shit. He one and doned me because Falke can just PP random LP balls on reaction cuz they’re slow AF. Just because Falke can’t block punish them doesn’t mean she can’t punish them.

  3. Found again that Master Urien Frankasaurus that I usually beat. Blocked down his Aegis shit and clutch threw him in scramble FTW. He denied rematch.

I’m making salt as honestly as I can. With no overhead or command grab.