SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Lol, what’s the Blanka’s name?


His name’s 4ohsBlankarolls. He has US flag but CFN shows he’s in Mexico.


It’s hard to make people salty when you’re playing like ass lol. I’ll get my rank back tomorrow and gonna take a break from it and try to git gud.


nobody takes beatings like men anymore, if im getting my ass whooped ill hold that for 3 rounds or 6 or 12 but I’m not gonna ragequit. I rub Anbesol all over my body before I play this damn game anyway


Taunts are kinda cumbersome for stick players any ways since if you don’t map you gotta hit all 6 buttons to taunt. This is the first game where I’ve actually screwed up execution for a taunt lol. I’ll try to taunt someone and end up throwing them instead.

If you’re a pad player you probably already have some triggers mapped and just hit the 2 together.


GG’s @Doctrine_dark. You’re getting pretty close to UGM


That’s part of why I lost so many points because I’ll give anybody the runback. If I win first here’s your chance to get your points back if I lose at least give me a chance to see if I learned your patterns and get my points back.
Nah people so desperate for points they one and done. Oh well.


Every G does that hat shit after a dizzy. It’s like in built or something.

I’ll be pasting a G 4 games to zip then they still do the taunt.


G is derived from a character who taunted as part of his gameplay. If you’re going to play G you might as well be that guy.


Are you sure they are taunting and not doing the speech move? that gives bar.


Best G taunt is holding forward so he waves at your opponent.


Mmm, I’m not actually sure. Is that a thing? When he holds his hat?


That sounds like the post move animation for his heavy punch or maybe his dash punch to me. In fact, a lot of his moves involve him touching his hat if you don’t cancel the animation.


GG’s man. Always nice playing you.


Down down 2 kicks.


Probably what Beek said is true. A lot of the new characters can post dizzy or knockdown taunt you by just not doing anything after the last move they hit you with. Like if Zeku does nothing after hitting you with a lot of his shit he has like 35 taunts. I know Cody has a normal that if he stops after he like slicks back his hair.

G only touches his hat during his post normal animations. He never touches his hat during his power up taunts or his regular taunt. He points to the sky during his pres power up and clears his throat during the meter build taunt.

Aaaaannnnd I’m going to bed


I’m so used to it, I expected that gif to end in a rage quit.


Funny enough I did have a Bison player rage quit on me like a month ago after that same thing. I just forgot to check the message log to record it.


The one thing that I keep seeing are G’s aerial spinkick specials going straight through Menat’s orbs. Even if Menat manages to capitalize, it looks like G has some really good buttons to contest midrange neutral on top of blowing up her approach.

Once he is in vt1, I think that’s where Menat struggles even more due to the command grab (7 frames, but with a frame kill or + block string seems like a problem for her).

Would you dare consider this to be a 6-4 for G?


Spot on!