SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


@Evil_Canadian is cosplaying as Alex now? :thinking:


Alex is a low bred coward and does not earn the honour of being a gorilla


Peeps waiting for season 4 news like


So, I’ve found a video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/378390171 .

Loose one game (53:00), don’t rematch and complain about lag, start 2nd set by being perfected (1:11:00), say that there is no lag this time, then win other two games :slight_smile:
I really have to stop back jumping, doing the EX DF slide and f.FP in neutral and stop doing the same cr.MP>cr.MK string.


Low bred, sure, but coward? Alex is happy to start his matches before he’s even warmed up! #heroism


My last match at the tournament yesterday was against Urien, don’t ask me the craziness I had to endure. That’s why I’ve questioned my ability to play this game, sometimes playing dumb/nonsense gets too rewarded in V.


Is this the week we get season 4 info?!?


I dont think I’ve faced a Guile in a month, the nerfs did a number on him didnt it


no, he’s still mad good. Ppl just can’t Sobat and do everything


I’ve been enjoying sagat a lot more lately. He still needs a few buffs to his frame data but outside of that he’s solid.


Ran into a few yesterday.
He is still really good. People just have to think a bit more when using him, so that made a lot of frauds that were being carried by him drop him for the next easy thing.


My huge gripe with Sag is that his stmk has huge whiff recovery with a hitbox that struggles to catch early jump frames. So he be +, threaten a stmk in hopes to catch walk forward/holding up, and they can just hop right over it.


Capcom isn’t done with Resident Evil yet, once they release that games DLC, expect some SFV news shortly after…maybe another 2 months


I’m kind of peeved I spent about a month reading this book Swan Song and the ending was pretty shit compared to the rest of the book. The book was damn near 1000 pages and a pretty great read, until you get to the conclusion and it feels like the author just wraps it up in about 20 pages because he was tired of writing.

There is also a few story elements that are totally unexplained, which i would be ok with if the book wasn’t a fucking doorstop.


Sagat? You can still dp after a whiffed st.mk.

If and when they buff that button, people will cry.


Season 4 characters and news confirmed at Evo.

USA in August.


St mk is fine to me, I do wish it was 2 frames quicker and got more plus frames off VT cancel.

I still want cr lp to be 3 frames
St mp to be 5

That alone id be happy with

Icing would be low shots doing more chip like high shots. And more stun on all his DP’s


Yeah that would be whack


I’ve got some time to kill. Anyone want to play SF for a bit?


Not against Sak at least, her jump is hitting too early