SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Pick me fam


Does that mean yes?


Yeah lol. I’m on my ps4 account


okay, give me a minute to turn on my ps4.


Your CFN is the same name as here right?


Yes, i just sent you an invite I think.


I’m on my ps4 account CFN is different. SRK_Vhozite is my PS4 CFN

IA jumping button and get a special. I hate charge characters


That one was laggy for me


Spin Kick is a big one in that fight. EX/Lvl 3 beats orb tosses and the others can still go over some moves. And if you fuck up the regular ones you’re still not likely to eat much even at -5 (assuming the spacing ends up being off).

The other thing for me is that G shits out damage and has stupid corner carry so its one of those situations Menat hates. The tides can turn really quickly and she can find herself in the corner and down a bunch of life.

I think it was probably better before VT1 went to 3 bars. That might have been a half point match up, like 5.5-4.5 or something goofy like that. But now that Menat is stuck at one VT1 to try to turn the round around on I could definitely see it shifting 6-4 this season (or at least until 4.5 potentially shakes up the balance again).

Also frame pedantry: G’s command grab has 12 frames of start up. Best he can do is “tick” off a +3 button to knock it down to lightning fast 9 frames. Its impossible to make it an actual tick so it will always lose to a jab/short (and plenty of mediums). The thing G needs to do (that I am still very bad at) is a lot of conditioning to get the other person to stay still or meaty set ups (which involve getting the KD In the first place).

Double also back to the thread about G’s taunt: I’m pretty sure his actual taunt is “shake hands with the president”. Anything else is either one of the robust post hit animations he has or his meter gain move


How the fuck did the game get a super input out of what i did?


I thought that super was pretty random.

His c.mk is -4 don’t let me spam it


Maybe that is what they meant by something different this year. They’re biding their time until Evo which they will then release the rest of the season’s characters after the finals. Probably not but I can dream.


Lol im sorry


What are the frames there? I know it isnt real, but is Abi’s jab too slow? cause it got beat 3 times there.


I couldn’t tell you i don’t know the frames of either character well enough to say


Shrug, could just be I screwed up…


So, if we assume that all SFV development has now ended (not a given but plausible), how long will Capcom let the server backend continue to live? At least until the end of the CPT season certainly, but should we expect it to stick around for years after that?


3SOE and MvC2 on Ps3 still working.

Don’t think they’ll just randomly kill the servers.


More empty jumps


I actually did, but when I did you did your other AA options… :frowning:

Edit: …twice…