SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


Oh yeah my air throw game is on lock, but with Kolin I like air counters for the lolz


Honesty tier list


VR that shit


I forgot the input the first time.

There are alot of button combinations in SF and I don’t yet have them all in muscle memory. I did fPPP and by the time I realized it was wrong I was dead.


Yeah idk my VR either lol


Is guile the only character who can follow its slow projectile?


Chun can follow her EX and Nash can dash behind his heavy booms.


A lot of them can. Some of them with regular light fireball some with the EX version. How effective it is as part of their strategy is a different bag of chips though.


Outside of EX DR (which has been nerfed heavily), Bison is true honesty.


?? Bison relies heavily on fake strings and pressure


gg bro.

Trying me more aggressive. There were a lot of times you had me in the corner and backed off, or put yourself in the corner without me doing much of anything.


Bison is a fraud


Bison is only that low on the list because of his Trigger. Otherwise I agree


Good question. Could be a while depending on if they make a PS5 port of the game. Maybe if SF6 also uses an upgraded CFN it can keep the old SFV server content running also


Pressure isn’t dishonest just frustrating, and fake strings are born out of the ignorance of Bison’s opponent. You can’t pin that on Bison.

Fair enough.


Yeah, my offense is in general is weak at the moment. I don’t have alot of the “rhythm” down so i get clipped a ton trying to pressure, and that makes me cagey.


Juri Ed Nash Chun and kinda Fang Dhalsim

EDIT buffed Cody

EDIT 2 Akuma empty VTC


Bison as well


What exactly do people mean by “fake” strings in this regard?


A lot bisons bs can be back dashed or neutral jumped. You technically don’t got to hold some the bullshit he tries to feed you. Stuff like that.