SFV Lounge: Makoto is coming for sure. F2P definitely. RIP Pertho's doggy


jump force is less of a fighting game than smash is


Jump Force looks like diarrhea.



I don’t know shit about Jump Force. As soon as I saw it was some arena styled nonsense, I immediately stopped paying attention to it.

If y’all like that weeb shit, feel free to check out GaiaOnline.com Let them know SRK sent ya.


Jump Force is the scariest looking game I’ve seen since PT.


Yeah as soon as I saw a those early screenshots of those nightmare fuel ass clay models it was a easy pass.


People arguing over whether Xenoverse 2 is better than Raging Blast

These were the people shitting on DBF’s graphics.

Casuals are Badsuals. :japanese_goblin:


RE2 Remake “I am survival horror reborn!”

Jumpforce “Hold my beer!”


Raging Blast was amazing, felt like Tenkaichi.


I never really got into the Raging Blast series. Ultimate Tenkaichi was a cutscene fest, so never touched that at all.

Super DBZ was my shit.


Raging Blast had this kind of funny stuff, keep in mind this was all applicable online.


Jump Force’s Luffy is the last thing you see before you die

Jesus fuck I can’t get over the art in that game. Not that I’d play it anyway but at least the other arena anime games looked good.


You know you’re game is bad when your animators have to animate the model’s neck and head to simulate eye movement.

Well that video upload didn’t work, shitflakes


She’s not THAT bad, come on. I still hate Ono because he fucked my anti air though


Game so ugly it breaks video uploads


And you thought mvci was ugly…

ironically enough I’m not hearing people or even news outlets hate on this…

Capcom get that hate xtra style.


Jump Force reviews are shit atm.

We really gonna compare Capcom/SF with some hot trash weeb arena fighter that was always gonna suck and sell like shit?

Whose radar was this game on for anyone to actually give a damn bout it?


Jump Force has six Naruto characters and no Gintoki. Fuck that game.


Jump Force has characters from way too many franchises in order to look proper.

Characters look out of place because the visual design is so different. It looks like Garry’s mod where people mix and match all sorts of random stuff.

The idea is cool, but i’m not sure if it would work tbh.


wtf was that? the neck is weird lol

they did better in xenoverse why they went this bad?