SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


For those that forgot here’s the rundown on the new season coming soon.

1: V-Break: It’s similar to V-Reversal, but it breaks the combo similar to what we know as Breaker in Killer Instinct.

V-Break: F+3P or B+3K.

2: V-Custom: A mixture of SFEX2’s Excel, SFA Rose’s Soul Illusion, SSFIV Juri’s Feng Shui Engine, SFIII Yang & Yun’s Seiei Enbu and Genei Jin respectively, and it gives access to a new type of “SFIV Ultra Combo” / “SFEX2 Meteor Combo”.

V-Custom: MP+LK / MP+MK / MP+HK (each of the three activations grant different effects)

3: V-Cancel: This new feature is totally different from the well-known FADC.
V-Cancel: HP+HK

-New Critical Arts will be part of the next Season.
-New features will also be part of the current V-System;
-The second V-Reversal will be one of the new features, the second V-Reversal will be to Evade or Attack, and all the chars will have these two features, those who already had a Dodge will gain an Attack;
-E.g. Nash’s current V-Reversal is a Dodge (Sonic Move - Avoid), he will get an Attack (Crossfire Blitz), in which case it will be a Single Attack.
-The 3P V-Reversal of Vega will be switchable to the version of Attack (Shining Claw), while his 3K V-Reversal will continue to be a Dodge (Short Backlash)…
-Another great novelty will be part of the next Season, now we’ll be able to use the V-Reversal during the V-Trigger, but it will be necessary to sacrifice the Timer of the V-Trigger (The meter goes to 0 when you activate the V-Reversal and the V-Trigger ends immediately)…
-However, Necalli does not receive this novelty, the reason is simple, he has the Infinite Time V-Trigger…
-V-Skill 2 may also be part of the new Season, but it will be selectable before the match on the same screen of selection of the V-System Version…

The latest Build contains new Critical Arts of G and Sagat. Ed also has a CA2, but in his case, it’s only accessible on PS4, the PC version only contains the animation. In the case with PS4, all the files are already present.

Capcom listened to @Akhos and gave Menat juicy BUFFS.

Standing MP (Crystal Ball):

  • Disadvantage on block decreased from -11F to -8F
  • Disadvantage on hit decreased from -5F to -3F

SFV’s new F2P system

SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


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Seems like that last thread was created like a week ago. That was quickkkk.

Btw, I’m salty I never got into KI.


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If S4 crashes and burns you can always check it out. Shadow Jago is better than Kage any way.


Mortal Kombat 11 in stores near you April 23rd 2019


KI also lets you play as a raptor


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That keeper Jin combo.


Somebody gift me a copy of the 30th anniversary nonsense so I can play 3S on my PS4.


Nerf Cammy for Season 4.5 v4.001 PWE Edition Sponsored by EA Sports


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Not gonna let you harm yourself playing noted bad game third strike friend


So when is SFV coming to Soulja Boy’s console?


This whole “no Season Pass” is seriously making me worry about Season 4 though, with all the talks that there aren’t going to be six characters and stuff like that.


With the confirmation that there won’t be a season pass, I won’t be surprised if we get only 2 or 4 characters in S4.