SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


Is someone honestly surprised that online is made out of Ryu, Red Ryu, Girl Ryu, Eyepatch Ryu, Evil Ryu and Even more evil Ryu?

It was already like this in SFIV and I doubt it will ever change.


The fact that even eviler Ryu has consistently been consistently the best character in the game, and that he works even if you are a scrub does not help


The one thing I feel is a bit baffling about characters that are way more popular than the rest is that those players are playing the mirror match almost all the time. I couldn’t enjoy a fighting game that way and it’s one of the reasons I usually choose unpopular underdogs.

Which of course bites me in the ass when the sequel comes out and they aren’t in the game anymore but that’s another story.


Just play what and who you like.

It’s the simplest way to enjoy a game, no matter the genre.


That would be true, if I didn’t end up liking characters that are ass or borderline ass most of the times



Tiers don’t have noticeable impact until you’re peaking in player skill, which you aren’t even close to


So, due to system changes, Akuma’s CA as a CC punish does 461 damage.






Late as hell to the MK/NRS discussion but I’ve only been playing MKX for the last few weeks and I just simply love playing the game.

Yeah, the animations are terrible. Kitana’s stance and walk animation is the goofiest shit I’ve ever seen in a fighting game, but I’m just having a lot more fun playing it right now. And I’m talking online and training, not SP stuff (which is better too).

Online MKX definitely has flaws (there’s no proper ranking tier system and some meterless moves are ridiculously safe and hard to react to so they get spammed a lot), but it’s a lot easier to reset to neutral. There’s a lot more trying to start offence with mixups over trying to find the opening in negative frames (which I prefer as it makes the game feel faster and more fun to me)… Also, I’m not saying that there aren’t punishes, lol, but up-close battles in SFV just feels like a battle of frame data with tons of blocking and it creates tense situations over and over again that I’m just not a fan of.

Also, the combos are real fun to do. It took me a while to get used to juggling combos (aesthetically and logically speaking, punching someone to the ground and have them bounce 15 feet in the air is stupid AF), but honestly, once you get past that stuff, it’s just real fun and open. I spend most of my time just trying out new combos now. There’s hundreds of different combo routes and while yes, I’m a believer of finding the optimal ones and using them, you can determine the optimal combo for you and choose one that may be a bit easier or more reliable if flashier for 1% less damage. Plus because there’s so many combo routes, it’s fun to try new things and see what you can come up with and determine if you want to use it in matches or not.

Finally, I like the character designs and lore much better.

There are some odd Hitbox and trading issues though and it definitely lacks an amount of refinement that I think is important in serious, competitive fighting games. But I’ve also realized that maybe that’s just not a major concern for me right now so I’m okay for trading that for things that speak to me more.

Anyways, I understand why it’s not for a lot of you. also, I’m not trying to convert anybody. I understand the love of SF and I still love it, I just need a break from V right now and I wanted to share my experiences with MKX.


You dont have to convert anybody. The best part about the FGC is that it isnt really a community but a series of big and small scenes that are mashed together so they all have a place.

A lot of people get that but they dont necessarily understand what it means for the hobby. Thats why you have James Chen saying eSports may not work out…well yeah. Its a hobbyist community not a single game experience like other ones.

If you’re burned out in any of the current games, try the old stuff, shit try everything. Nothing better than finding the game that just feels right.

Glad you’re enjoying the hell out of MKX.


My 2 cents on the what is wrong with SFV argument. From someone with FG experience but not so much SFV.

I would argue the core problems are the Vsystem and lack of defensive option.


V-Trigggers are stupid good, even bad ones are pretty potent. As a result, most matches don’t really feel like they’ve started until Vtriggers start popping. This makes a lot of the game (to me) feel a bit meaningless. And even then, a lot of time once you’ve popped the trigger it feels like you just take a swing with whatever your mechanic is and hope it works. This also create a lot of issues with the Vskill, which having a mediocre Vskill can really delay your trigger.

To summarize it often time feels like you are playing a Vtrigger… not a character.

(Also I just want to say I called this like 4 years ago)

No defensive options:

I don’t mean better reversals (I’m mostly fine with the DPs in this game)… but that’s about it. There are EX DPs and Vreverse… but that’s about it. Against the many characters with good plus frames you really don’t have many options which can make those parts of the match very dull. I’m not advocating doing what SF4 did and giving every character 62,000 options requiring elaborate OS to even attempt to cover them, but something. To use a modern comparison this is why DBFZ has the deflect mechanic ithout it it’s pressure game would be super binary. Other options would be to, increase pushback so the situation doesn’t reset itself so easily. A final option would be to make throws much easier to tech, ala many anime games.

Regarding anti-airs. Since SF4 I’ve felt that some of the AAs just need to lead to more damage. This game has anime jump ins that lead to full combos from any angle, it it has SF anti-airs. Maybe just allow some limited jiggles off normal anti-airs so that the damage disparity isn’t so huge.

All in all I thing SFV is pretty good, and I like it more than SF4… but I greatly dislike 4.

Also, I still don’t like being able to cross up in the corner. That shit is dumb.


“Fun Fact: Birdie was top 1 at first but they moved him down to top 5”

They have to be trolling.


Glad you to hear you’re enjoying MKX so much man.

In an effort to kind of acclimate to the game I watched the top 8 from KiT. Was a fun watch. I’m still up for running that online at some point if you ever want to give that a go. Tentatively very interested in more MK11 info.


Well when they show his matchups the only one that makes me scratch my head is vs rashid.

Guess birdie forever top tier. :man_shrugging:t4:


Birdie won that weird preview tournament when everybody was bonkers too. He was doing light confirms into super and hitting good buttons.

4 years later…:joy:


So…who else, when playing SF3 for the first time, thought Makoto was the literal love child of Ryu and Sakura?

I thought her arcade ending was going to be about Sakura(now an ordinary, single mother, salary worker) sending Makoto out, who she had trained in Karate for 10 years, to hunt down her father and bring him back to become a family man. (And I imagine that Makoto was conceived just after Street Fighter Alpha, perhaps Sakura and Ryu had a fighter’s fornification[one night stand maybe even??], Ryu had no idea what it was, and left for the next challenge because “the fight is everything” or something. Leaving Sakura a single mother that had to drop out of highschool and work as a waitress or some sh## like that. All the while, telling Makoto that her father is horrible and filling her with rage since infancy[which would explain why Makoto is always angry and screaming in her fights].)

Anyways, eventually she defeats Ryu, brings him back to Sakura in his own duffel bag, and then he is forced to become a salary man, as well as a family man.

Guile had that intel all along, he knew Ryu’s post Alpha secret, after all, he’s from the air force or whatever.