SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


The exact reason why I’ve never put much credence into the matchup based tier list. It should be a part, not the whole.


Is this really how we’re starting this day?


Those close matches that come down to the last hit be leaving your heart beating hard lol.


Which happens artificially more on SF5 because of that silly “no death by chip” nonsense.

Hopefully SF6 corrects this heresy so we can hear all the twitter complaints about it and how good that was in SF5.


Dude, Birdie kills people with his own boogers.

He was so powerful that in Alpha he could tank nuclear explosions.

In the lore fit Birdie is probably the strongest character in the series, he just doesn’t exercise at all because he doesn’t see the point of it!


Number 1 ranked character online is Birdie so the best.

Daigo playing more Zeku online.


I’ve actually meant to send you a friend request from my other PSN. I’ll do that next time I’m on if thats okay as that’s what’s I’m playing MK on.

Yeah, I’m dying for official news. A bunch of speculations but nothing confirmed for now (other than what’s included in the premium edition/Kombat Pack).

We’ll find out a ton a week from today though (thats their community reveal live stream).


Damn man two PSN accounts. Big baller coming through. :upside_down_face:

Yeah man feel free to sent the friend request whenever you hop on next time.


Roughly a 1/3 of all players online use shoto now, makes sense why capcom release one every season. And it’s not like most people playing Kage switch from non shoto, seems to be mainly Akuma and ken players trying the character out.


I wonder if they’ve never implemented strenght adjustments to ranked because there aren’t that many players. So if you don’t want to play people drastically lower than your rank, you’d lose out on active players.


Birdie loses to mika, guile, zeku and Abigail. And equal against Cammy, Akuma and bison. I think they shouldve had a real pro level birdie main like trashbox in the discussion then have a part time birdie main and pros who barely ever play birdie to begin with.
Birdie is arguably top tier but to say he has no bad matchups against top tier other than guile is just silly.


Nothing baller about it, lol. I am still going to use my old one when I play SFV, but MKXL just has costumes to unlock through the krypt so it’s pretty easy to just get whatever you want.

There was one special add-on costume I bought though, but thankfully MKX transfers it between accounts.

I don’t think MK11 will do that though as it will have skins and gear that come with the premium edition/kombat pack.


Lol Cammys ass. No wonder top Cammy players dropped her.


Lets go Justiiiin https://twitter.com/nocontextmugen/status/1083199927105216513?s=19


You cut off part of the original quote, so yeah.


Yeah I actually either fully cleaned out the Krypt or damn near it when the game originally came out but that was on Xbox1. I’m starting on PS4 clean. Upside is thought that MKXL came with everything and it was on sale for $5-10 when I bought it which gave me the later DLC chars I didn’t get on that system.


Well we can always go to the Juri is bottom tier/secret top tier discussion, or debate how lack of proximity normals is good or bad, there is also trashing NRS games, posting hot women and big booties, say that Smash isnt a fighting game, and so on


Birdie shits on Cammy, for sure beats Zeku, Mika and Abigail.


I really hate fighting birdie as Cammy. Are you sure he’s equal against Cammy?


Really sitting and thinking about it, birdie dumpsters the four shotos but goes even v akuma, bodies Cammy, beats ibuki/Urien/boxer/gief/Sagat, even v dictator/necalli, bodies all low tiers and imo loses to rashid/menat/guile.

Never paid attention but birdie is top tier as fuck.