SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


My reaction time is shit towards jumping/running command grabs so I hate fighting against Birdie by default ._.


Leaping command grabs are easily the dumbest thing In SFV. Special fuck you to blanka and birdie.


Lol the Birdie Lobby have been the biggest fucking downplayers to ever exists.

No idea how they’ve gone on with that “My character isn’t good” shit for 3 years straight.

:joy: :joy: :joy:



And fuck going back to maining boxer. Holy shit grapplers are out in force. Like Laura and gief v boxer is dumbshit. I can’t be dealing with that on the regular.

Gonna keep on chugging with Kage/Sakura.

Edit: got my first Boxer v Abigail match. Never again, lmao never fucking again.


How i see it is in this matchup Birdie lacks reversals against cammy’s powerful ground and air mixed offence and pressure. Birdie’s best mid ranged normals are slow and risk jump ins. His offensive yolo moves are now even more punishable.
Cammy can safely stay outside of his best normal st mp. And can dictate movement outside of his normals with faster walkspeed. You can hit him out of his v skill can with spiral arrow. Also since s3 birdie’s cr mp anti air has been bad in punishing cross up jump ins.
This is my impression atm.


I hate Birdie, but one thing I love about the character is how his VS is actually an integral part of his kit with different variations. I wish Capcom put as much work into the VS’s of other characters, which are usually just ghetto special moves or easy mode anti-hado tools.


So, akuma does not loose to birdie?
Tokido vs srk poster…Who knows better?


SRK randoms always know more.


Birdie wins ground game and bullhorn stops Akuma playing fireballs. He wins the MU pretty easily.


Looking through birdies shit, regular bullhorn projectile invincible frame 3 and ex has armor frame 1.

Smh learning a lot about this dumb character today.


You must hate fighting against alex and blanka too.


Fuudo been picked up Birdie to counter pick Akuma. He has the most complete toolset vs Akuma. Gief getting better along with the general armor change makes things tougher for him also. Gief getting more chances to flex before his health goes down is big deal for him and something he’s needed


Bullhorn only works from close mid range. Akuma’s faster walkspeeds could dictate the range. Also anything that goes further than st mp is slow and risky. Lastly bullhorn starts in 15 frames and can get easily hit out of in its early frames (since s3). So it can be a heavy read based move depending on the kind of game.


@Eskills Wolfgang said Sakura and Urien beat Blanka 6 4


it gets used cosistently at high level and backing out of it’s range plays into Birdie’s pokes, win/win for him


Out of all the top tier characters I think Birdie is the only one I’ve never complained about. I don’t know if both Chun and Falke beat him (feels like that though) but it’s actually a matchup I rather enjoyed playing with those two.


Only in mid range does akuma’s demon flips lose because up close range bullhead becomes more of a heavy read. Birdie does better preventing akuma from getting in than most big slow characters but struggles up close.
Other than his yolo ex moves moves there’s very little birdie can do to you if you play a smart keep away game because of birdie’s speed. Birdie’s st hp is almost as risky as alex’s st hk. Jump in fireball forces birdie to rely on cr mp as an anti air. And then there’s high priority normals like Cr hp (4 active frames), or one of the best fireball games birdie has to deal with.
Akuma doesnt win the matchups, but since capcup people have been peddling the birdie wins akuma mantra. Before mena rd’s run Birdie had almost never won against akuma’s in late stages of tournamnets. And since Tokido learned the matchup he’s been tossing aside Birdie players including menard (other than that australian player that gave him a hard time).


You know what, I’ve been whooping the shit outta blankas lately on Sakura. Still think he’s dumb, but I guess I’m finally learning the matchup. There’s alot more blankas in season 4.

Haven’t played Urien in a while, but that makes sense.


Birdie had some really stupid shit in S2 meta, but once it got ironed out he’s been fairly fun to fight. I never enjoyed his EX bullhead and sweep stuff, just by virtue of only him and Karin possessing safe spaced sweep stuff.

Birdie is pretty well designed though, his VTs have just the right amount of bullfuckery.