SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


Why is no one talking about Urien taking over the top spot from Bison as the character with highest winrate online?!



Falke probably beats him about 5.5. Already thought it was even in S3.

f+HP and low shot punishes a lot of the shit he likes to do from a range or make you block from range. Regular hop grab is reaction punishable with PP and EX PP can easily stop ex hop grab on reaction. Super punishes all bullheads on block pretty easily and trigger bullhead becoming minus 9 helps her even further now. Her offense isn’t amazing vs him and he doesn’t have a 3 frame so df+HK buff is not that important vs him, but it’s potent enough considering the buttons she uses to trap with most are plus 2 or plus 3.

He has good anti airs vs her air shit, but he can’t really jump vs her either unless he gets in cross up range. Dive buff improves meaty dive pressure vs him (particularly when he’s low on meter)


Except Akuma’s walkspeed causes birdie’s pokes to whiff allowing akuma to walk in and counterpoke. The rare fireball every now and then helps. Like i said what makes birdie a monster is st hp and st mp. If you can play around that move and condition the birdie player then you can win the neutral game.


prolly due to all the bandwagoners looking for the new top tier


If Akuma walks out of range of all of Birdie options he’s putting himself in an unfavourable position where Birdie can set-up can.

If Akuma plays into Birdie, he’s at a disadvantage, if Akuma plays out of his effective range, he enables Birdie to set up walk-ins.


If you have decent reactions m tatsu can knock birdie out of v skill. Walking back and forth allows the akuma to counterpoke. Walk outside the max range of bullhorn and throw fireball. Also since birdie’s so focused on pokes throwing fireballs will be much easier.


I said it enables Can when you walk out of his ranged options, so Akuma is well out of sthp range. The fact that Akumas options are bad against Birdies screen presence, and that his fireballs become quite risky in their usage does enough damage in the MU to shake it toward Birdie’s favour.


Urien skated into Season 4 nerf free and got buffs to vt2. Been seeing a lot more him online.


it’s not a new season without unwarranted Urien buffs


Bullhead also can beat the start up of any further range attempted ground fireball on reaction so he mostly loses using ground fireball vs him also. Like Frost said, walking back is nearly irrelevant vs someone that can whiff punish his s.MK on reaction also. VT1 also buffs Birdie’s walk speed which makes the walk up bull stuff and walk back to whiff punish scarier.

Easily the character that removes the most tools from Akuma.


Probably unpopular opinion but i don’t feel like Ryu has lost to Birdie in any season except vanilla season 2 when Ryu was arguably the worst character sfv has ever seen.

He has good counterpokes to everything except standing mp and Birdies use that as a wish punish empty buffer more than a poke. Pre fireball buffs Ryu can mix his ranges to throw fireballs just outside Birdie poke range to stop random button flailing or from closer where its harder to react with bullhorn.

I felt like it was 5-5 every season except the joke season.


I think Birdie is going 6-4 into the shotos. His kit outranges and shuts down a fair amount of their stuff. He doesn’t have to play around the fireballs with committal options and can just walk em down.


Yea i get it. Like i said probably unpopular opinion. Just Birdie is one of my favorite matchups with Ryu. Never have an issue throwing fireballs vs him. I always like my chances even against the really high ranked ones. He plays traditional SF and his vtrigger while fairly strong still requires traditional means to land a hit. I think Ryu fights him well.

Advantages Ryu has over Akuma in this match are-

More health
Faster travelling and recovering fireball
Faster further dash
Actual jump in buttons that dont suck
Much bigger punish on ex bullhorn
2 hit fhp for birdies many armored attacks

I think its easy to just lump the shoto boys in together in most matches but occasionally ryu has stuff that works well for him and it doesn’t for Akuma.


You don’t need to walk outside at his furthest reaching slowest normals just his fastest pokes. And outside of those moves it’s easy to punish any can/vskill set up.


His normals may be his strength but his slow walkspeed just puts him in a position where he struggles to deal with good footsies from the player.
And he lacks defensive options.



Worth a shot


Does falke beat guile? Feels like she does


Maybe outside vtrigger birdie is a bit slow, but in vt1 he’s about as fast as Urien, Mika and Ryu. He’s not exactly slow the entire match.

Edit: Hell his dash distance is also higher in vt1 lol.


Is there a tournament this weekend? I wanna see real season 4 matches