SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


Not seeing how birdie has no defensive options when he has good AA and ex bull horn…


I would say the nerfs he got and buffs she got helped her out a lot… the sobat nerf in particular helps her in neutral a lot, and getting v gauge with her VS against booms also helps.


Birdie low tier use R. Mika


Hey @MochaLatte, saw your vid during my lunch break. Good stuff, and thanks for reminding me that Ken’s bmp works well as a counterpoke button~

For your next one perhaps you can evaluate some of my replays? If you can stomach the terrible Ken play of course

Replay IDs


The most recent ones I have saved. If you have the time I’d appreciate it

'Cause bitch-ass @Frost wouldn’t do it


I just had some fucking GODLIKE tacos.

Not sure wtf you guys did with your day, but it was nowhere near to how good the tacos I ate were. Just putting here because I’m telling everybody.


I just played with a friend for a while, I had one of those days where everything clicked.


Were they from a restaurant or are you Mexican?


Glad you enjoyed it man!

I’ll try to get to it, lotsa requests like a bison and cody video


Mocha if you make a Cody video let me fill it with misinformation about the MU so everyone thinks I’m low tier :^)

btw Twitter is now saying Ken is decent xd


he isn’t?


Ken players called RIP over some minor nerfs


I live in El Paso, TX. Right next to the border.

So I had it from a restaurant where they were made by Mexicans.


I think Sagat is at worst even with Birdie. I even toyed with the idea that Sagat might win, but Birdie has enough ranged stuff to cause some problems.

Sagat doesn’t have the problem the shotos have because he’s got long ranged buttons himself and his fireballs are much harder to bull horn.


I feel like it went from slight advantage for guile to now slight advantage for Falke. LP boom being faster and her v skill gaining meter on absorbs helps her a lot


But I bet Twitter isn’t apologizing to @MochaLatte


Breh his VT2 is actually Mad!


Anyone playing tonight


Yo, so the “MK11 Sonya = Ronda Rousey” rumor still doesn’t wanna die, apparently it got some additional credibility after the boxart reveal

DOA6 will have an F2P Core Fighters version just like DOA5LR, guess the F2P version of DOA5 was successful enough to go with that again for this game. Plus since it’s a new release it’s a good idea to make a completely free playable version anyway. Good shit on Team Ninja

Lastly, Namco has announced that next monday they’re gonna share some “big news” on DBFZ and Xenoverse 2. People are speculating it to be the official Season 2 confirmation for the game (which is weird in itself considering the World Tour finals are just weeks away), but I think they’re just gonna announce the global release of the Deluxe edition (which is basically just the base game + 8 DLC + all the patches built-in, and that edition is coming to Japan later this month)

Still no news on the next character reveal for SFV, Julia and Negan are waiting for a date confirmation (IMO they’ll do it at EVO JP since it seems to be roughly 2-3 months between new chara additions for T7), and my personal guess is that SNK will be using the EVO Japan’s stage to officially announce KOF 15 and show a new Samurai Spirits trailer

Dunno what to expect from ArcSys however. We’re approaching mid-January and there’s no news for their Fighting Game Awards thing they did in 2016 and 2017 (that’s where they announced Revelator, Rev2, and Baiken), so… Xrd, BBTAG and a new mainline BlazBlue are in question. We already know Granblue Versus probably isn’t getting anything major until March (which is when they’ll show new characters for the base roster)

JoJo FighterZ coming to a console near you…never


I think Sagat wins outright


Alright, if anyone wants to do a Lounge tonight, I’m available to play.