SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


I’m starting to think I’m stuck in the wrong time zone :sob:



LTG soundboard trolling people playing rainbow


The FAT app hasn’t updated in a while, I wonder if the dev just stopped.


@Akhos You should join the new challenger discord from reddit. You just @ your region and game then wait for a response. It works pretty well and 8/10 times you get someone right away.

No bs other than getting the notifications on my phone all kinds of day and night. They have other channels for other games too but I couldn’t tell you how reliable they are. But it’s super clutch if you just want lounges. I fight one of the dudes from the pretty regularly.


@GetTheTables thanks for the tips on my matches.
I went on a run and was 100 points from ultra but back at the bottom of super now but just being able to get close was nice. I should have stopped playing but kept getting bopped by laggy akumas and kages lol.

After today I know I could reach ultra with Laura but if and when then I’m switching to someone more solid to reach Platinum. Hell I might even switch before then.
Just seems like a lot of work for mediocre damage.


DoA6 Nyotengu and Phase 4 trailer

Nyotengu looks kinda different moveset wise from doa5 but maybe I am just mis-remembering things.

She still has SPD though, as is proper of a tengu lady.


Diving into how to approach bison. Pretty basic, but everything else kinda just falls into place anyways

We fightin the top tiers now baby


So the big thing to take away from this is to always be respecting Psycho Axe. Downforward fierce…this move. Plus on block. The one I failed to whiff punish twice in a row…'Cause that shit happens.

10/10 Content would watch again.

:joy: :joy: :japanese_goblin:

Bison is dumb shits.


Welp, happy to report that Urien is still a fucking dumb ass character in this game.


How dare you? People must not know how to counter EVIL. Take down this video at once!


Don’t worry, This is EVIL. EVERYTHING IS EVIL Subete wa… EVIL


Ha ha this was gold.

I actually made a how to beat bison video but never released it. Maybe I should plug yours and add mine, together we can take down this piece of shit!


I want this communist POS exposed for good. I want everyone to know how to expose everything there is about Bipson. Do it

Cuz i’m always open to learning new shit myself



I heard KiT was a train of Bisons. Bye Cammy bandwagon, hello even bigger Bipsonwagon


Best part about it is that its basically virtually impossible to make yourself punishable with Bison. You won’t ever be negative 10 billion from fucking up a spiral arrow, you just have to remember not not do…yeah, don’t do LK scissor kicks point blank and don’t do any Psycho inferno that isn’t EX.

Oh and obvs don’t slide into them all silly like. That’s about it.


No, slide all silly like, the slide always fucking lands anyway. It’s like they know the exact second you’re about to stand up.


Yeah slide from the unsafe range is near unreactable any ways so might as well yolo it once in a while. Good thing I’m still playing Ibuki. Bison matchup is better for Falke, but not better enough.


@Doctrine_Dark I’m watching Realistic’s stream now ( GM Ibuki player from Louisiana) and I saw you’re on his blacklist lol


I have a slightly different take on the axe Although I still agree the “don’t fuck with it” is sound advice. My version requires balls, but the pay off is usually decent.

Bison axe close is usually followed by light xx special ( usually blast) or maybe a tic throw.

But there’s a range which is about maybe a character length, maybe a touch less where the next button will be either another axe or a medium ( into blast), the reason is that the bison st.lk is too short to continue on from there.

That point there you can buffer light xx special or even medium special and catch him because he’s only plus one there and too far away.

Sometimes I do this because it’s my way of saying, stop that fucking move.

With Sagat I can chance a st.hk and get a free CC because if he goes for the two axe ( which lets face it they do that shit a lot) at 17 frame startup it gets blown the fuck up.

It’s one of them really fine details in a match though that might even be player specific, but it changes the dynamic a little when they find out they can’t just spam down forward fierce.