SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


I can’t believe I missed the why Makoto is great/NRS/why Birdie is bull conversations.

Anyway I was hoping one of the Falke players could tell me how to fight her. Cody could probably beat her, but my dumb ass has no idea how to approach her.


BTW Highland I think it worked out that I never decided to bother with Falke’s V Skill buff until just now. The absorb is pretty easy to do on tiger shots and about 7 shots absorbed gives me a bar. She kinda needed it vs S3 Guile, but now it’s just basically a luxury tool since she already can kinda low profile and shoot over their shit any way.

I can’t wait to fight Piano or Automattock again lool


The new version absorbs? That prolly takes the match up from difficult to straight up nightmare. Since I’ve got to sit outside the f.fierce for my plasma, although that’s still close (ish) if I use fast shots.


TBH it looks like I would have won a few more matches even if I actually bothered to use this absorb thing.

So the stupid thing about her v skill is that it had like this beta ass absorb feature. Like you could absorb fireballs, but it was coded to not allow v gauge building. Now they finally added in the v gauge building on absorb and improved the hit box for combos and it’s a real falken v skill now.

Smart Sagats will definitely change up their shots and threaten ex shot, but this shit takes the matchup to another place for sure.


I was just re-watching out matches, trying to pick a good one for the highlight video. They are probably the most street fighter ish matches out of all the ones I watched.

I’m just deciding for frosty if I should put the one where I perfect him in the first round. I dunno if I can do it to the boy lol.


More zoners getting more buffs = more SF. I liked that it actually felt challenging for Ibuki to get in on Sagat. You made sure to jump when I jumped also to catch most of the ex kunai attempts.

Put up the ones where you beat Frosty with Roo man.


That’s a whole nother layer, and I’m gonna fuck with it.

A little intense for the newer players, but I dig it


Problem’s alex is rusty.
He still best me ofc. I forgot alex has vt2.


As long as you got a round you can say you washed him.


I don’t remember if I did.
I called my girlfriend to come watch me loose to an evo champ :slight_smile:

Btw, I choose to stay down after I get hit with ex knee.


Hmmmm probably means you didn’t lol

Least GF got to see you get whooped on


Btw, i am pretty sure that problem is trolling.
I fought his Bison a few times, you can feel that he is holding back.


Alex Nation is sandbagging by default. No point in holding back with character that can’t cut it in CPT.

If he isn’t teabagging he isn’t trolling good enough.


I miss fighting isdd. He beats me and gets angrier than me. As soon as I loose, i switch to his stream.
I recall him hitting my delayed throw with Blanka’s delayed reversal. He was calling me stupid, saying that I must think I am so smart when I am not :smiley:.
And then, if you type something, he might even apologize or say gg. I really like the guy.

I fought Packz’s Karin yesterday. Had the punish for the win, but I missed it. He and Tyrant were saying that it must have been a lagspike. They don’t know that I am too old and don’t have reactions :slight_smile:


Top player gave you benefit of the doubt, so you got respect. That was your match and the rollback monster messed up your epic win.


Yes, nothing more epic than winning with jab, jab combo.
Can you do anything against Blanka’s wakeup ex when he is in vt? I don’t have a character, so cannot test it out.


She was my secondary character in DOA5, there are definitely a couple of new things there. Some seem just animation changes but others are new combo additions (like that kick flurry in between her flight cancel combo).

I really don’t like her new face though. She doesn’t have the sensual sassiness from before anymore. She looks like an innocent child à la Honoka or Hitomi - who then proceeds to SPD you while making orgasmic sounds.


Dead or Alive 6 beta goes live 11 am EST. Lasts til monday. Open beta for all don’t need to pre-order or any of that shit, apparently will be all platforms.

Hayabusa/Kasumi/Ayane/Hayate/Diego will be playable.


It’s mad negative. Like he can “FADC” it, but the FADC start up is so long that you can usually just EX DP before he throws the FADC ball at you. Just mash your reversal as soon as you block it basically.


At 15 seconds in your video, that’s the space, st.lk xx dp woulda won. It happens quite a bit.

Then later when you say “got lucky with the line breaker combo” , you kinda didn’t, you just subconsciously knew that he was too far away for the follow so he dashed in instead.

It’s very small, but small shits the difference when your playing in the big leagues!