SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


do you play/stream it? gonna watch you then.


I’m late to the discussion here, but anyway: iirc Veggey thinks Birdie beats Cammy now, 7-3s Ryu, and beats the other shotos handily too.


Capcom is on a roll.
The weekly missions this week net 850 fm. :joy:


Don’t be so greedy, that’s only 118 weeks for a new character. Meaning you can complete an entire season worth of fighters in only 12 years!


I dunno. Going on twitter and whining about Bison to get him nerfed seems like the best approach still :thinking:


One of the FAT devs on twitter said they were working on it. It usually takes a while after a season update tho. Plus i dunno if they are thinking of waiting for the 4.5 patch.

Anyway they’re working on it. Just gotta wait.


Jeez. Lucky I have a bunch of FM stored up to do these extra battles already, but man they really don’t want stuff to be accessible anymore.

You’d have to grind (and win) like an addict to maintain a positive gain in FM now if you wanted to use it on extra battle stuff. Forget about stages though. Can’t really earn enough now that if they dropped one or two more stages, it would clear out a lot of people’s FM balance.


This is why I’ve stopped using it, especially against Chun. It is really noticeable.


If we dont get anything next week character wise I dont think we will until final round in march.


I haven’t ran into one Ultra Diamond + Akuma main using Kage that knows how to play him. But why did Balrog icon UD man handle me? Why am I having close battles with Gold Kages. Why do G players risk using him when they know their defense is horrible to the point where it should be classified as ra-I mean the R. Kelly on their wake up.

Why hasn’t Capcom revealed their FM Booster packs yet? Are they waiting until the reward is at 300FM weekly? Why isn’t there a better fighting game out there that’s nu? Why are the only high level thing you need to learn consist of shimmy, AA, and when is it your turn?

Why the fuck do you die after doing an EX move when you’re close to no health but they allow certain CAs to butt fuck you even if you respond with your own AFTER the fact? Why can you command grab EX Tiger Knee? Why can you grab Cody out of EX Fake Major slide? Don’t answer any of these I always know the answer, coffee is ready.

AND ANOTHER THING. There are no more top tiers. It’s just who beats your main the bes :^)


That explains why I ain’t run into him in awhile. Sometime in Spring, I beat him in the 1st game, lost the 2nd game, and then he bounced :smile: He was on his Master run back then while I was Ultra Diamond, so I just assumed he ain’t wanna risk losing a lot of LP :laughing:


Fuck all the bison nonsense, where the anti urien tech at?


Yo, so what’s up with the front page? Did all the writers get fired? It’s been almost two weeks since the last article


Grab him out of EX


Yeah I fucking hate Urien. Even at -2 EX Tackle is still a fucking missile, especially into aYEEEjis. Hell, Tyrant Blaze would easily be the better VT on a lot of characters, but it has to compete with his godtier VT1.


Any Ruy mains here? Is he good now?


That flying headbutt from urien that bypasses neutral… Impossible to punish on whiff under lag. It makes no sense for the game to have such bad netcode and for so much shit to also have low recovery and low blockstun. The game is literally anti consumer, just something for the audience to get excited watching the pros duke it out in the main stage.


I think Falke still beats Cody overall but less so compared to Season 3 because faster walk speed and better fireballs should help in the matchup considerably.
Her longer button is fHP but fHP has horrendous recovery and it’s extremely vulnerable to jumps; her low fireball is also slow and you can react with a jump-in if you see her lying on the ground, that’s why low fireball is less of a zoning tool and more of anti-fireball tool/harassing from fullscreen tool.
Also, keep in mind that Falke’s air game is very strong between vertical divekicks, air shots, long ranged jumping normals and air throw; if you think that she’s going for an air fireball or bait divekick I think jumping forward is going to punish her heavily and avoid the air shot at the right spacing.

That’s my take, but Jin will probably be able to give you better ideas than me.


Yeah, Urien downplayers are second only to the Birdie ones. All bunch of long ground normals, bunch of “just do it” specials and two silly v-triggers.

Probably the toughest personal match up for me.


Falke beats Cody, yeah