SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


I believe it has happened before, with speculation that SRK might be shut down.

Maybe Event Hubs is about to become the premiere fighting game web site. It at least posts new articles, and it isn’t like SRK’s articles are better than Event Hubs’ at this point anyway.


Guys, never look on SRK for info about SRK. That’s like the first two rules of SRK club.


And the hits just keep on coming.


I was forced to respect Ryu’s crMK Hadou because the dude followed up with stlk lk DK when I tried to take the turn back. Ryu OP


Why do most of the characters I like suck :confused:


@Rice_Eater @Mike_MF_Hall and @Highlandfireball would be able to give you the best responses. Althought Rice moved to Akuma a while ago, Mike just switched to full Sagat main and Highland pretty much has thrown Roo man to side guy at best since Sagat’s launch. Sooo yeah.

My take is he’s the most playable version of himself since S1, but don’t expect him to make waves in CPT.


Awesome man, glad to hear it is going better. :slight_smile:

I hear you about Laura. That kind of feeling is what made me want to switch at the start of this season. I give props to the Laura players out there who are able to hold it down. It is sort of a style clash for me I think but I also feel like if I’m going to play that kind of character I mightas well just play Mika and actually fuck people up when I get in. Or what I’ve decided for now, pivot away from that kind of up close aggro character and go for a different kind of dirt.


Looks at charge characters in SF5


Haters gon hate.

My boy put on his suit and told the world he was ready for the big stage.

About vt1 and 2. I actually use vt2 a lot versus players that play crazy. It’s a pretty good style matchup against them. They can’t really play keepaway so I can just fmp>high/low into v trigger all day and since they aren’t super fundamental players, the chances of me getting punished hard on block isn’t much since it’s only -2


Ryu’s definitely playable now, and his fireball game is really fun if you’re one of those assholes that like that sort of thing (like me). He’s still stubby, but he can keep people at favorable ranges and his punish game is better with buffed LK joudan.

I’m incapable of actually assessing character strength aside from that, but he doesn’t feel like he’s in a wheelchair anymore, at least. If anything, his biggest problem would be redundancy (“why play Ryu when you can play X instead”)


Dead or alive 6 beta is out. Graphics looks glorious. Looks so much better in person.

Extremely fast wait time between matches. Only 10-15 seconds wait.

Netcode is kinda garbage at the moment though lol.


No surprise so far. I’ll wait out the netcode shitstorm before I get.


I feel you there. I know she gets a lot of shit but I feel like so many things have to come together at least for me to win. Meanwhile I get tapped by whoever and get put into the corner off one combo.

I thought about another grappler like Mika or Alex but who knows.


If your opponent is using WiFi connection, there is the WiFi icon showing so you can refuse to play with WiFi warriors.

This is a big plus to me.


every FG in existence needs this.


Yeah that and displayed pong should be mandatory.


Is it delay input or rollback?


I agree, much better.



Yeah she can still rob and roll folks and players like Idom make her look really nasty still but I have a helluva time navigating her up close game.

What sort of broke me was feeling like I had to stay on top of the opponent while also navigating EX DPs that break pressure or dodges on the command grab. Which is grappler life but the pay off felt shitty.

Part of that is me realizing that I don’t think I like playing grapplers, or at least in this game. And why I started looking at Kolin and G for alternatives (G feels grappler adjacent).

Good news is this season still has some really strong grappler candidates if you want alternatives. Mika is still really strong, Gief seems better than he has been in awhile, Abigail is still a fuckhead, and I know Alex got buffed up but I can’t speak to what that did to or for him because online Alexes all play the same regardless. :slight_smile:


Nut-shell version is that Alex got better at sustaining momentum, and he doesn’t have to respect quite as many bad jumps.