SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


I will be streaming it later tonight probably just gonna be playing Ayane.

Yeah it owns. Injustice 2 was the first game to do this and I can only hope its a trend that continues to shame the evil wifi user.


Jesus Christ literally a third of the playerbase is shotos now. This is one of the main things I hated about SF4.


Look on the bright side:

1- 2/3rds of players are still not shotos.
2- Competitive SF5 is still varied and not a shotofest.
3- Shotos in SF5 are more unique and diversified then they have ever been.


Yeah feels like if you’ve seen one Alex you’ve seen them all lol. Mika seems like the most likely at least from what I can gather she does what Laura does but better.


Well, when they put a lot of shotos in the game, a lot of people are going to play shotos.

Imagine if there were 4 or 5 versions of FANG running around.


This guy is the best. Tempted to get on twitter a lot lire just to keep tabs on his posts.


Best super in the game keeps showing its dominance


You can say a lot about this cuckery but it isnt scrubby.

I really should’ve recorded my friend’s rant. Nothing like mexican losing his shit at the US election and calling everything in it a cuck to give the word a new hilarious context.


Thank u for making Bison’s VS a physical counter now Capcom as if it wasnt risky to press buttons against him already :slight_smile:


I don’t use Twitter but please tell me he’s trying to be satirical.


High Score Girl is the truth.



I swear fighting Bison is impossible with a 3f buttton



I think Ryu is super solid, but the game has sort of passed him by. With the other shotos and Sagat offering better strengths , I doubt you’ll see him in the Pro circuit.

For casuals/onliners though he’s still solid.

They’d have been better just giving him a trigger IMO. All the buffs are great, but youre still Gona outplay someone for 85% and get killed.


That feeling when you make a teabagger rage quit with your day 1 Nash lmao. Dude was playing Laura no less.


isn’t it wonderful when you predict your opponent’s dash and neutral jump hk to punish it only to be stopped by their jab?


I have always been a VT2 Falke main



When I play Kolin against him it makes me super salty.


i’m glad i never created a twitter account. it’s a cesspool of stupid shit and i’m usually angry as is.


Falke only loses to Boxer, Juri and Menat kinda sorta. We made it.

The better your footsies are, the easier f+HP is to use. It’s all about conditioning with other tools first so that they stay on the ground and telegraph themselves to take white chip/hit/CC from it. f+HP is pretty easy to use vs Cody since his fireball is slow start up/recovery and his jump arc is pretty easy to catch. You can’t just use it randomly, but once you condition him to not jump f+HP is kinda free on him and he can’t punish it on block any way. If you walk up in range to CC a fireball start up free v gauge. Once you’re inside of that range, then can run s.HP and the other faster/safer buttons any way. The Cody player has to jump to see if he can catch a f+HP every once in a while, but a good Falke player will space and condition with it too well to make it an option.

The fireball game in Falke vs Cody is interesting. Cody’s fireball recovers just fast enough that she can’t low shot it on start up reaction and hit Cody. The best she’ll do is make him block, but if you have the life lead it’s not so bad if and are reacting to try to get free chip. Preemptively throwing the shot early will hit Cody and give you room to jump over the fireball, but if Cody predicts and waits for you to low shot, then yeah you’re going to get jumped on. The fireball game changes again once you get VT1 though as VT1 low shot can punish fireball on reaction so he no longer can try to get them out there with any safety and takes a knockdown.

Fireball game is now different again in S4 though with Falke’s new V Skill. Which means Cody can now throw even less fireballs since she can just walk within optimal fireball range for him and if he throws one she can just v skill absorb it with relative safety. Giving her free v gauge and good positioning in neutral. The match is at a point now where Cody can’t really throw a fireball that isn’t EX or VT2 rocks anymore.

Cody has long ass jump forward buttons so he should definitely be threatening forward jump HP or HK anytime she does just about anything in the air. Standing on the ground and trying to look for s.HP or V Skill isn’t worth the reward and doesn’t move you forward any way. The only other AA I’d recommend is HK ruffian since you can trade with her air shit and knocks her far towards the corner. All of her air shit keeps her in the air for a while (with the exception of j.MP, but you can play the read with that also) so it’s perfect for HK ruffian’s slower start up any way.

Overall matchup basically works where Cody has really good options vs her air options, but it’s offset by her mostly dominating the ground game other than real careful counter pokes with s.LK or other buttons that can do it. His VT2 can swing the match around pretty heavily if he gets in, but she still has particularly decent defensive options vs his trigger and since he doesn’t have a 3 frame or EX DP he’s particularly vulnerable to chip and pressure from her trigger also. If it gets bad he usually has to v reversal to avoid getting too far down in deficit.