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Also gief owns my soul.

Need to review the tapes to see what I’m doing wrong against that character.


Gief owns my everything. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What a MANLY man!


Are any of ryus donkey kicks safe on block?


They are when Ryu showers, which is never.
Whence, they are all -16 ob.



( Exactly 8 characters, keeping my blockstrings tight)


Been thinking about this for a while, I don’t think G is gonna get tournament rep anytime soon, he is just like so unreliable.

Weird to explain I guess, I think characters that are about the same tier as he is are more reliable and consistent in ways that G lack.


Old Zeku is incredibly fun if you can find a rhythm for all 6 of those those blade kicks, where you either shut the opponent out or he cuts himself fumbling his way in.

Young Zeku is also kind of fun. But old has those special jump-flip shenanigans.


No, but it might meet the technical qualifications to count as a gang bang.


I figure one thing and it’s why I think the Topanga league tier list looks like it does.

If you don’t have a good base game , you’re leaving things up to chance rather than control. So maybe G could win a tourney, but consistently win? I don’t think so. It’s the same reason I thought Cody was a bit shit in S3 and the same reason why I think Kage is a bit shit now.

Yeah it’s a trigger game, but you can’t live off that. It’s simply not odds on you’re Gona trigger someone 80% of the time.

The TT have both. They’ve got solid tools, then the trigger on top.


I’m not even sure if any hentais have answers to that question, so might have to do collegiate study.


I’ve always said he’s like Hakan. If you put all of the puzzle pieces together you get a strong character, but any of them fall apart it’s a problem. Then he still has glaring flaws that the puzzle pieces can’t fix any way.

It’s mainly the fact that he just becomes that dude when he has his shit together that makes him decent. His super or VT2 can temporarily shore up his god awful defensive issues, but neither are consistent enough to rely on. Best to just go with VT1 and hope you play the neutral well enough to go ham and maybe win.


That’s how i see it too. Your characters needs to have core reliable arsenal to not just win matches but also to be consistent. Or your yolo bullshit moves need to be not just hard to deal with but also effective in reward.
Kage isnt strong until he’s right in your face. A glass cannon character that somewhat struggles to get in but also gets bullied in the most important area of the game which is neutral by most chars.
If you get a clean heavy jump in, kaboom, you dish out big damage. But what if you dont land that jump? and dont have an ex zonk or guaranteed mix up opportunity like aegis mirror, Or abigail’s vt1 charged hp.
Kage’s design got me thinking which char are able to be consistent at the highest level. Is kage mid high in tier list online and in locals? probably. But is he going to win in major tournaments or make it top 8 consistently, i doubt it.


How to reset the timer
How to disable the 30 minutes timer without switching accounts:

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lol PC wins again


Hakan at least had bullfuckery in game though, High, low, grab. G is kinda simple unless he can stack up his levels and dump his load.


Yeah Ultra Hakan was more like Fuerte where had more BS at the beginning of the match that got better when he oiled up. G is probably closer to launch Hakan where he’s just not doing much until he oils up and you don’t get any oil at the start.

I was watching some a cho USFIV event and there were some Hakan vs Fuerte matches that were abysmal to watch. I thought Seth vs Fuerte was crazy, but now I know it gets crazier. Somebody should have went up to them and said “what did you do to SF?” after it was over.


Seems like she prefers old.


So she’s basically the young hot bitch that wants to make a statement that she’s mature with the older guy.


Cody feels gross, don’t want to charge with guile and birdie is ugly. But Juri feels perfect. What’s wrong with my brain? :man_facepalming:t5:

Thinking bout it, Juri does well against boxer bad matchups…


Only sponsored players have the mental fortitude to main Juri. Being strong at fighting games is about playing gross stuff you don’t like.