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I just can’t get past cody’s buttons. :nauseated_face:

Real talk I’m feeling Juri or Birdie. I’ll probably main one of them from now on with boxer.


Cody has good buttons tho


I don’t like the way his buttons “look”. The way he moves looks off.


What kind of person values aesthetics over functions


Yeah I think Cody might be the most akward design. I never really had problems with Sakura because I’m not mental and am into CPU characters.


fuck you mean his buttons are godlike sit your ass down kiddo


Birdie will always never be villianized enough because he’s too ugly to be bandwagoned. He escapes the player base and hate he should be getting because picking a character with strong neutral and pressure that is ugly is not cool.


FUCK YOU MEAN the toke poke IS 10/10


I can’t help it man, I have a problem.

I’ll tweak character creation stuff for hours until it’s perfect or nitpick the smallest details endlessly.


Birdie is beautiful. Not as beautiful as ken but still beautiful


With cody there’s an area in mid range where his st mp cant reach but many other chars can get to without using heavy that starts in 15 frames.
But anything that has ridiculous range like nash’s spinning back knuckle and is -13 or more ob can be punished with his ruffian kicks.


Birdie’s super strong but just know that against people that play good footsies you have to work hard.
Birdie’s walkspeed, jump and dash are all garbage, so you gotta be doing micro walks, cr lp. But you gotta walk forward, be mobile. And the whole idea of the v skill can is to force players to come to you, even though it actually lets you get in.
But at low level birdie’s a walk, you beat people for free with those long ass normals and powerful anti airs.


Ryus joudan kicks will never be safe again thanks to vanilla sfxt :pensive:


stmp < stmk

stmp in neutral is bad, stlk covers all, stmk and sthk cover poking, and crlp crmp cover counter poking


To me St hk has isnt so useful unless your finishing for cc, it has less range than st mk, 3 frames slower startup and 20 frames of recovery (and has exact same range as st mp despite being 5 frames slower). You only throw it out if your fishing for cc.

As birdie i use st hk as a zonk button and look to whiff punish with st mp (it has a great hitbox for catching whiffed normals).

In regards to poking and counter poking i agree with st mk being better than st mp. I just mash with cr lp, for all scenarios, it works great. The occasional sweep from max range works well too.


if you think sthk isn’t his most dominant neutral tool you have no clue what you’re talking about


Unless your characrer has actual bad tools, there’s no such thing as too inconsistent for tournaments. This isnt a CCG. You’re actively making decisions. Learn the match ups and then make a decision based on which characters you feel you’ll be facing.

G can do a lot of work with 0 presidential levels. He just doesnt rob you from the start. Rounds and 3, where he is very likely to have an EX bar, it becomes even easier to gain the first lwvel and get the party started.

Which means that he gets more dangerous with passing rounds.


Depends on what kind of game your playing. St hk gives big pay offs, but it lacks range and is slow. Cr lp and st mk, all are better low risk moves. Cr lp checks dashes and interrupts pokes, etc. St hp catches people from range. St mp likewise is cancellable and is great for whiff punishing. Every move in his arsenal have their purpose and use.


Laura is a strong, respectful woman who only chooses to be with great and respectful men. A grown ass man such as Zeku is it, because she sees a lot to what makes him so special, and in return he sees a lot of what makes Laura a great woman due to his many many years of experience knowing to discern the good women from the bad.

It’s a great and meaningful relationship that extends much more respect than any other character in the series… same can’t be said about that Ibuki thot


yeah stmp is his best whiff punisher for sure