SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


Laura is a whore. Period.


It’s also hard to say what his dominant move is. Is it the move with the biggest pay off? or most used move by players, or the normal that the opponent plays around or fears most. Imo every move of his can be powerful, it just depends on what you want to do.


My bad. I thought we were talking about Birdie all this time, lol.
In regards to Cody, i’m not that well versed. I used his st lk as a whiff punish button. And st hk after throw, etc.
I dropped the character after he became boring to play, around 1,200 matches or so.


Birdie? Ugly? Nah.


That’s the exact moment Birdie started to gain weight.


Cody kicks like you in a playground fight.

Going for the toe pokers.


Dam he got the Abigail proportion there


Imagine how crazy sfv would be with overhead combo starters that were just a bit slower than crouching attacks.


I made a new one behold my amazing opinions


Ed’s at least on the same line as Nash stop being so mean :frowning:


nah Ed’s garbage


As garbage as Nash at least!


Zeku is as good as Urien and Birdie?



I didn’t believe it at first but after looking at the OZ buffs and how good YZ has been shown to be, deffo think he’s upper side of tiers now


I’ll never understand people still using the SS and S tier in that thing for this game.

S-tier implies that all matchups are favorable, and SS implies all are very favorable matchups. What character meets these two criteria? None. They don’t exist in this game.

It’s pretty much A+, A, B+, B, C+ and possibly C.


Who do you feel he beats clean?


Ed is the new Alex and now we have to take Alex serious because these motherfuckers are not letting up on his fierce…I am legit focus when I fight Alex his crMP still scares me and was the bane of my existence when using Karin


You misspelled Ibuki. Laura only shows interest in Old Zeku. Ibuki shows interest in anything with a dick.


I didn’t pay attention to that I just used the top of the graph to start


I feel like Necalli is too high, but then again it’s been a while since I’ve seen one so i could be forgetting some stuff. Still, I think Kage does his function better.

Also I think Ed should be in the 2nd to last row with the other low tiers. He is definitely not worse than Nash or Juri.

I’d move Menat into Bison’s row. Also I’d move Mika down to there too since I really don’t see her being better than Urien for example.